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Three Poems
by Alexandra Bregman

Pancakes Are Not a Sign of Devotion

So you want to make pancakes
You say as our bodies our pancakes
Beige between sheets and fleets
Of birds soar through my mind's

I want to make pancakes
I want to make them for the rest of my irrational moody days
I want to make them golden brown in springtime
And in winter
I want to make them warm
I want to make them with you
I want to make them for you
I want to make them of you

You're not hearing
You're not here
Where are my pancakes?


God I'm sorry for your loss
No one deserves to die-
Especially wearing my earrings
Can I have those back
Please just drop
Them in my mailbox great thanks

God used to be a friend of mine back
When I was the cute girl in Sunday school
My mom dressed me in dresses with big bows your mom
Died right? Huh.

My iTunes must've been on.
Call me if I don't
Text you sometime

God told me to cry when your father died
I didn't listen though

(Smith, College.)

I feel like I'm going to cut all my hair off
And find myself
A girlfriend

She says between
Vegan bites and new dreads
At least experimentation is
Not racist.

I'm not judging you but I am
Going to raise my eyebrows
During class I am very smart
Aren't you

Going to answer with bullshit
Dripping down
Your mouth it smells
Of the gender binary all I want is
To marry and have babies after

About the author:
Alexandra Bregman, known as Alix to her friends, is set to graduate Smith College in May 2010. An English major, Art History minor, Sophian Opinions Writer and Museum Educator, Alix plans to live and work in New York City upon graduation.

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