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Summer 2017 Fiction Issue | Word Riot

Summer 2017 Fiction Issue

The Ladies Walking Club by Caitlin Corrigan
A Snapping Turtle Having a Bad Experience Ordering Business Cards by Jordan Moffat
How Your New Neighbors Arrive by Jeffrey Gibbs
Ashes on Cape Cod by Miranda Forman
Gluckschmerz by Michael Loveday
Night Terrors by Abby Burns
The Island, Language, and # Taboo by Saul Lemerond
A Family Dinner by Justin Follin Smith
The Double Doors by Chanacee Ruth-Killgore
Monoculus by Susan McCreery
Nothing But Dust by Deng Xiang
As Wide, as Deep: a Heart and a Hole by Duncan Barlow
Monsters in Times Square by Sarah Beaudette
Prescient by Melissa Ostrom
Volunteer by Eileen Rush