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Two Poems
by Deniz Ece Z.S


He bestowed my good free magnetized will
grunted the half old sky which speeds the silent forever.

Soft load of chance to a provender, I am other arguments
Creed of every such bone, from kindred of ever passion

My original you-my light lips: two blossoms darker
and the four clouds smut bedded on a prey absently

Returns the opening of your lone escape,
What I lost to you? A made content self?

Unfrequented hours for shores like a face talk talks
A sloop motion and modish them, the ocean tinged

Mountains have no calmer sound brier to my minding,
you chanter in the settlement of air bright as waning death.

Lave love, lave the love, whisper it at someplace, at anywhere
Night I see, I am postponement to your muse, just a trail in a flame.

Speeds the silent forever...


What if I am expressionless and receded by your loving smiles
as you studied my eyes, hair and my praying face a listener
Like a light stone and the spring bell to intricate your stalling lips
For the formless destiny what if I am vulturous for a circling ground
As these English words I chew like an egg, it easily comes from a farm
all these dissolving of resoluteness, words the taste of deviations breaking
I have not chosen life to be as famished as the scape goat for the Battalions.
Like a menace, a pain on a preserved suffering and I morn for the honest stare.
the stones raved for the starving God's they too are a bluff shape like a triskelion
What if in all I still have flesh to live, however counterfeits and miraculously ether.
Corrupting orderly for a distant wilder light, why my deil heart is depraved?
if I am a whole ghost to your vivid self stealing your loving smiles.

About the author:
Deniz Ece Z.S
birthdate June 1st, 1978. I reside in Long Island.
My love is to write, and to reveal it with these words, be my glory.

© 2013 Word Riot

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