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Two Poems
by Jack T. Marlowe

this is just to say ha ha
(after "This Is Just to Say" by William Carlos Williams)

i know
that you ate
those plums
that were in
the fridge

the ones
i was actually
for breakfast

even though
i'm sure
they were delicious

i forgive you
knowing that
after all
i shagged
your girlfriend
last night

so sweet
but not so cold

an unsent letter

Dear Brother:

i'm sorry that i haven't
called or written lately
but i've been busy

spending the cash
that i didn't win
in the state lotto

in between
weekend road trips
on that Harley softail
that i didn't win
in the raffle


i just bought a ring
for that nympho
who fucks
like a rabbit
but also runs
like one
whenever the word
'commitment' is


i'm getting that novel
you know, the one
that i started writing
six years ago
but never finished


yes, i know
that you'll say
i've been dreaming
about living
instead of living
my dreams

but the way i see it
you gotta make the best
of what you've got


if you ain't got much
you'd better have
a damned good

Talk to ya soon,


P.S. why do i suddenly feel so blessed?

About the author:
Jack T. Marlowe is a working-class malcontent from Dallas, Texas. A writer of poetry and fiction, he is also a veteran of the open mic. His writing has distressed the pages of
Zygote in My Coffee, Cause & Effect, Yellow Mama, Beat the Dust, decomP, and Underground Voices. Jack can also be found online at

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