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Two Poems
by Noel Sloboda


My dog like
Your dog loves

Winter much
Differently than

You and I
Snow angels

We form
They paint

Warm yellow
Purer than

Cold white
Ground under us

Mating Dance

Caught off guard, he tries to stall,
Observing his irate partner for clues,
Unsure what he has, or hasn't, done.
Perhaps a birthday or anniversary
Lost, forgotten once again.
In any case, the cause matters
Not one jot. What he needs now is a
Good way to calm her down.

About the author:
Noel Sloboda holds a philosophy degree and a black belt in karate. He hasn't used either one all that much in the real world. He has work forthcoming in Zygote in my Coffee.

© 2013 Word Riot

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