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Blog | February 10, 2016

Notes From Elsewhere: WR Author Updates, Awesome Women + More

Greetings, Rioters! I’ve decided my bookmark folder containing links for you all needs a good clear-out, so let’s have a few days’ worth Note From Elsewhere goodness, shall we? YES! Time to catch up.

First up, we have a shedload of WR Author Updates that I’ve neglected to tell you about:

Logen Cure, whose poem “These Are My Best Gifts” first appeared here, now has a full chapbook out called Still.

Previously seen here reviewing Philip Glass’ Einstein on The Beach, Fred Skolnik has a new novel, Death.

Katie Cortese has a collection of flash fiction out, Girl Power and Other Short-Short Stories. Her story “Disappearing Act”

Blog | August 25, 2015

Notes From Elsewhere Returns! Craft Advice + More

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s been at least four months since I’ve had any literary links ’round these parts. Let’s make up for lost time and look at some interesting stories that I’ve saved in my trusty WR bookmarks folder since April.

Couple of good Patricia Highsmith-related links to share: First, this look at her book, Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction. I’ve always meant to read it, even though suspense fiction isn’t my usual neck of the writing-woods, since I figure we can all learn from it.

And here’s an article about what makes her work so adaptable to screen. I’m really looking forward

Blog | January 24, 2014

Notes From Elsewhere: Buzzfeed Books, LGBT Represent, Library Love + More

You’re not still thinking Buzzfeed Books is a bad thing, right? I mean, guys. Seriously. While Buzzfeed is definitely home to a lot of “Let’s just throw some .GIFs together and call it listicle nostalgia!” and they have a habit of nicking content from elsewhere uncredited, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t good content elsewhere on the site. Since Isaac Fitzgerald‘s arrival as the Buzzfeed Books editor, I find great stuff to read there on a regular basis. Checkity-check it:

The Daniel José Older Double Shot: “One Hundred Years of Weird Fear” discusses the prevalent racism in H.P. Lovecraft’s work and why

Blog | March 15, 2013

Notes From Elsewhere: Almost Like a Regular Friday Edition

Handmade wooden journal by Tanja Sova.

Greetings, everyone. Happy Friday. I’m thinking about book arts a lot more lately, probably because the mister and I will soon be hand-sewing some poetry chapbooks with work by Saif Alsaegh.

Like this rainbow of Penguin book covers.

Designing a creative travel journal: I travel a fair amount, 2-3 trips somewhere per year. I should get in the habit of doing something like this.

You know you want to create your own pulp fiction cover.

Here are some words to use more often (or just smugly tell everyone that we already do, thanksverymuch).

This is amazing: click

Blog | August 26, 2012

Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition

This week has been… interesting, hasn’t it? Crazy-making perhaps, when it comes to the crossroads of women, politics and bodies. But in regards to Jami Attenberg‘s tweet captured there, the internet is still talking about the business of book reviews, “niceness,” and the attitude with which we treat each other. Shall we round up some of those thoughts? Yes, let’s.

Andrew Scott talks about “writer on writer crimes:” nasty reviews that are unnecessarily snarky at the expense of the author, seemingly for the purpose of raising the review-writer’s profile. Bad form, reviewers.

So, how should one write a less than

Blog | August 17, 2012

Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition

This week’s link roundup has much to do with conversation: Conversation about art, conversation between readers and writers, conversation about what makes us excited. Isn’t it great when we have those long, passionate talks about the things we love? Time becomes very fluid when that happens. Anyway, here’s what’s caught my eye this week:

Alyse Bensel, who had four poems appear here in April, has a chapbook coming out this fall. Shift will be published by Plan B Press, so keep an eye out.

In other book release news, Ciarán West‘s The Boys of Summer has a rather amusing trailer:


Blog | April 6, 2012

Notes From Elsewhere: A Word Riot Roundup

(Notes From Elsewhere is a roundup of various literary things compiled by Sara Habein, along with news from past Word Riot authors. She make no claims at being terribly current or the first to know anything, but hopefully you will find something interesting here.)

Nick Antosca, whose Word Riot-published book Midnight Picnic came out in 2009, has a new book out, The Obese. He’s also writing for the show Teen Wolf, and his first novel, Fires, was just reissued. Here’s an interview with him over at Vol. I Brooklyn.

“Whenever someone asks me for writing advice I always feel at