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Katie Cortese | Word Riot
Blog | February 10, 2016

Notes From Elsewhere: WR Author Updates, Awesome Women + More

Greetings, Rioters! I’ve decided my bookmark folder containing links for you all needs a good clear-out, so let’s have a few days’ worth Note From Elsewhere goodness, shall we? YES! Time to catch up.

First up, we have a shedload of WR Author Updates that I’ve neglected to tell you about:

Logen Cure, whose poem “These Are My Best Gifts” first appeared here, now has a full chapbook out called Still.

Previously seen here reviewing Philip Glass’ Einstein on The Beach, Fred Skolnik has a new novel, Death.

Katie Cortese has a collection of flash fiction out, Girl Power and Other Short-Short Stories. Her story “Disappearing Act”

Flash Fiction | October 15, 2013

Disappearing Act by Katie Cortese

Listen to a reading of “Disappearing Act” by Katie Corteses.

Sadie Washburton effected her miraculous escape during last year’s homecoming dance. I went with Manny Newton, which seemed better than going alone.      Some say a boy asked Sadie to dance, led her beneath the mirrorball, then screamed, “Not!” into her pinking face while his friends pointed and laughed.      It could’ve been more subtle. My friend Mary swears up and down Sadie farted and the crowd turned on her, pointing and holding their noses.      In the interest of science, I must note pointing is consistent in all versions.