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Carly Berg | Word Riot
Blog | October 9, 2013

Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Author News, “Urgent, Unheard Stories” + more

Greetings Word Rioters! We have a heap WR author news to share, so let’s get to it.

Matthew Simmons has a newish collection of stories out, Happy Rock. An early rendition of “Anymore,” which resurfaces in Happy Rock, appeared here in 2011.

Word Rioters Carly Berg, Cezarija Abartis, J. Bradley, Donora Hillard, Joe Milazzo, Kara Panzer and Kevin O’Cuinn appear in the second issue of Vector. You can buy it here, and read excerpts here. Kevin also has work in Gargoyle #60.

Nick Antosca, author of The Girlfriend Game, gives WR a fantastic shout-out in this Believer interview with Shane Jones.


Flash Fiction | October 15, 2012

Whiskey to Denim by Carly Berg

A speck appeared past where the sand churns in the waves. Past where the whiskey-colored water turns denim.

On the waterfront, my quarter slid tight in the slot of the high-power, pole mount binoculars. The speck his ship—a speck on a speck on the Gulf of Mexico.

A crusty fisherman sailed me out to meet the ship. I paid him with jewelry: hoops, chains, rings and a fistful of gold on fire in the bright orange day, I couldn’t wait.

The captain, having made me promise to give him my sandals, threw down a rope-ladder and called come aboard.