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Zebulon Nights: An Anthology of LiveWire Readers
by Jordan Rosenfeld

8.5" x 8.5"
ISBN 0-9728200-5-1
pp. 108

What is the LiveWire Literary Salon? Ultimately, it is a forum for local writers to be "verbally published" before an eager audience. Unlike its cousin the open-mike, the Literary Salon attempts to engage and entertain an audience with a theme and a luxurious venue. The Literary Salon takes its cue from French traditions in which writers, artists and philosophers once gathered in the salons (parlors) and rues (streets) to discuss and express ideas and trade points of view.

The LiveWire Literary Salon occurred spontaneously as a furious spark, a constellation of timing and a voracious outpouring of interest in August of 2002. To celebrate its one-year anniversary, Zebulon Nights: An Anthology of LiveWire Readers contains a sampling of the pieces that were read at LiveWire. Most of these pieces have not been altered or revised much from the way they were read live to an audience. The focus here is not on perfection but on power. Covering non-fiction, fiction and poetry, this Anthology contains poignant, breathtaking snatches of life and imagination.

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