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October 2009
The Bright Night Effect by Jon Chopan
Fort Flagler, WA by Ben Loory
Brokedown in Oklahoma by John Washington

August 2009
On Words and Movement by Kara Mae Brown
The Invisible Hand Around Your Child's Throat by Thomas Sullivan

July 2009
Drafts by Michael Dean Anthony

June 2009
Nixon Does Jiangxi by Christian Ames
Moving the Bed by Shaun El-Ters
Everything's Relative by Kate Jordan
A Life Spent in What Is Now a Frivolous Profession by Larry McCoy

May 2009
Three Variations on Susan by Kirsty Logan
Late Night Q&A by Patrick O'Neil

April 2009
Ugly Woman as Elixir by Mel Bosworth
A Place Among Strangers by Mary Ann McGuigan
Because Once I Might Have Seemed Wild by Jenny Poore

March 2009
Updike of Ipswich by Andrew Coburn
Panties by Chloe Lunn

January 2009
The What If Drink by Celena Cipriaso
Sundowning by David Licata

December 2008
Relativity by Josh Indar
Letter by Sunshine LeMontree
The Gully Girls by Joleen Lunzer

November 2008
Chance by Stephanie Williamson

July 2008
Beyond the Amusement Park: Peace Corps Thoughts by Erin Anderson

June 2008
Good Scars by Rheana Murray
The Dream-Swallowed City by Matt Rager
Is writing trying to kill me?
my life before I'm a famous novelist
by Charles P. Ries

May 2008
The Road by Gretchen Clark

April 2008
Too Much Wining by Mary Bowers

February 2008
GILLIGAN (A True Enough Story) by Andrew Coburn

January 2008
Looking Forward by Amy Monticello
I Can't Believe You Don't Remember That by Janice D. Soderling

December 2007
Thomas Pynchon's Girlfriend by Kristina Marie Darling

November 2007
Sheena by Ryan Michael Commins

October 2007
A Reflection of Anything by Sylvia Shaul

September 2007
The Story in the Shoe Box by Kevin Ó Cuinn
Why the Grass Is Greener in Greenville by Aimee Caruso
A Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Apt. No. 704 by Jessica Wheeler

July 2007
Red Hair Day by Julie Stahl

May 2007
Lost in Shit by Noah Cicero

February 2007
Dreaming in Mink by Jane Hammons
Inching Closer by Jeremy Huggins

March 2006
Words Fall Out of My Head by Kevin Kinsella
Because I Love You by Christopher Moraff
Notes from the Next Table: Bar San Callisto by Fred Sengmueller

November 2005
Total Bastard by Clint Benjamin
The Egg Man by Chris Marselli
The Candy Man by Stacey Leigh Mascia
One Day I Cried by Oren Miller
My Pavarotti Days by Ron Pasquariello
Pushing by Carrie Pomeroy

September 2005
How to Take the Train in Japan by Malon Edwards
How Bridges Span a Life by Jay Mouton
Looking for Home by Kevin Semanick

June 2005
Cesare by Fred Sengmueller
Porchbound by S. D. Stewart
Shooting Nudes by Jon Stone

May 2005
This Is Not My Story by Russell Heller
Scratch One Flattop by J. R. Salling

April 2005
July 24, 2004 by Lou Amodeo
How to Be Unhappy by Alex Keegan
Why I Stole Paperclips by Darby Kathleen Mitchell

March 2005
American Streets by Erin Anderson
How Mamie Till Bradley Showed the World What Mothers Do by Amy L. Hayden
Cells by Brian Hoffmeister
Ski School Dropout by Allison Landa

February 2005
A War Story by H. Palmer Hall
Running Shoes by Dominic Rehayem
Rome by Fred Sengmueller

January 2005
Obsession by Tammy R. Kitchen
Knitting with Grandma by Jenny Rose Ryan

December 2004
A Tribute to Paula Anderson by Various
Lunch Hour(s) by Kevin Kinsella
Perpetual Motion Machine by J. R. Salling
Cleveland 1954 by George Sparling

November 2004
Shuffle Up (And Deal) by Susan DiPlacido
East of the Mountains by Camille Toutonghi
Lipstick in Southwest Iowa by Sean Underwood

October 2004
As if No One Were Watching by Zinta Aistars
The Curious Boy Carrying Cheese by Moses Iten
Walking the Dog, Watering the Yard: Doing Time in the New Neighborhood by Phip Ross

September 2004
The First and Last Time I Heard Coin-Music by Deborah Bauer
The Window by John Libertus
Bullshit by Denis Taillefer

August 2004
A Brief Ceremony by Frayn Masters
I Am Now Reduced to Burning Pellets in My Stove by Tom Sheehan

July 2004
The Power of Long Division by Robert Baker
Among the Vanished by G.L. Mind
The Collected Noses of Tycho Brahe by J. R. Salling

May 2004
Voyages by Mona de Vestel
7 Random Snapshots From My Life by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
Jail Time by Holly Robinson

April 2004
Yardley's Brilliantine by Stephen Johnson
When Memories Begin by Charles P. Ries
Flash Fiction Contest by Word Riot
Milan Carl Liskart, Coalman by Tom Sheehan

March 2004
The Man I Killed by Marc B. Adin
You Can Take This Celery, Too by Jenny L. Collins
You say you want a revolution? by Jackie Corley
You Coming? by Sean Underwood

February 2004
One Night at Kinko's by Andrew Culver
How I Grew Up by Greg Nigh

January 2004
Querida Abuela by Jennifer Filomeno
Kiln by Jeannette Harris
Struck Dumb by Valerie MacEwan
The Second Act by George Sparling

December 2003
Little Red Dots in a Circle by Darby Mitchell
Quo Vadimus by Christopher Whiteman

November 2003
A Boy Dies by Chance McLaren

September 2003
Blood by Karen Ashburner

August 2003
The Perfect Girl at the Aragon by Ted Bajek
Coin Free by Maggie Shurtleff
Corporate Zoology by Susan Winters

July 2003
Small Stones at a Window by Marilyn Abildskov
My Mom's Mom by Tiffany Beveridge
Some Vacation: December 1979 by Michael Graber
Standing Before the Pearly Whites: When God and Dental Hygiene Collide by Rob Hunter
3 Creative Non-Fiction Pieces by John Sheirer

June 2003
Stranger Than Kindness by Lapo Boschi
Give Me Puberty Or Give Me Death by Victoria Bush
The Spire of St. Pierre by Tobias Seamon

May 2003
Wrangler Summer by Eilene Kuehnle
Taking the Wheel by Brenna McBride
The Seduction of America's Coffee Culture by Therese Marie Pope

April 2003
Spring Planting by TG Browning
DC Cabs by Stacia J.N. Decker
Dogtown by Rodney Nelson
Moonlight Baths by Julie Wilson

March 2003
2 Creative Non-Fiction Pieces by Anike Robinson

February 2003
This Just In by Steve Almond
Take A Left by TG Browning
How the Internet Saved Short Fiction by M. Flaming

December 2002
Give It a Rest by TG Browning

November 2002
Have Mercy on the House of Quek by Brian Ames
Just Before the Drop by David-Matthew Barnes

October 2002
Stumps from Space by TG Browning
Release by Joelle Fraser

September 2002
Caught Dead by TG Browning

July 2002
Coach by TG Browning

June 2002
Reflections on J.G. Ballard by Asim Rizki

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