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April 13, 2016      

Notes From Elsewhere: Excellent Essays, Relationship Economics + More

GREETINGS, RIOTERS! Have your AWP-related hangovers subsided? (I’ve never attended, but I imagine there are some fierce hangovers happening every year.) If so, time to dive back into literary links with the latest Notes From Elsewhere.

Let’s start with some great things I’ve read at The Rumpus recently(ish):

Like him, these men are scared, still reeling from the attacks of 9/11, the subsequent recession and financial collapse, and the many social changes that threaten their values and what they see as the natural order of the world, in which they’re on top, unchallenged, ever in the right. Real men are never scared, and so by way of emotional alchemy they subconsciously transform this fear into anger. They point their discomfort outward, at women, blacks, Muslims, the extreme poor, anyone who isn’t quite like them. I know it well, having seen it up close. It’s easier turning a critical eye on someone else, to identify the enemy as outside instead of seeing him staring back at you in the mirror. It’s fucked up.

— “Against Silencing: Why All Writers — Even White Men— Should Discuss Gender” by Brian Gresko

Recently, I finished reading The Narrow Door: A Memoir of Friendship by Paul Lisicky. It’s excellent, sad, wonderful — all these things. You can read an excerpt at The Offing: “Romance, Betrayal, and Fucking.” On the topic of personal loss, be sure to also read Lisicky’s essay “The Ways We Tried to Erase Each Other.”

Really digging essays lately? Rebecca Hussey  at Book Riot has a selection of 100 different essay collections for your perusal.

Need a little fiction instead? I really enjoyed reading “Mariachi” by Juan Villoro, over at Electric Lit.

A good question: “Reading POC is Grand but Why Aren’t We Reading Natives?” by Nichole L. Reber.

Flash Fiction Writers: The 2016 NANO Prize is now open, with a deadline of July 1, 2016.

Wondering if the FreeWrite (formerly the Hemingwrite) cloud-connected typewriter is worth the price tag? Sarah Seltzer at Flavorwire investigates.

A magnetic notebook that lets you rearrange pages? Color me interested.


And finally, you may have heard that writer Jim Harrison, author of Legends of The Fall, among other works, has died. He was 78.

Notes From Elsewhere is brought to you by Sara Habein, who doesn’t pretend to be the first to know everything. 

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