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Notes From Elsewhere: WR Author Updates, Awesome Women + More | Word Riot

February 10, 2016      

Notes From Elsewhere: WR Author Updates, Awesome Women + More

Greetings, Rioters! I’ve decided my bookmark folder containing links for you all needs a good clear-out, so let’s have a few days’ worth Note From Elsewhere goodness, shall we? YES! Time to catch up.

First up, we have a shedload of WR Author Updates that I’ve neglected to tell you about:

Girl Power and Other Short-Short Stories by Katie Cortese (cover)Logen Cure, whose poem “These Are My Best Gifts” first appeared here, now has a full chapbook out called Still.

Previously seen here reviewing Philip Glass’ Einstein on The BeachFred Skolnik has a new novel, Death.

Katie Cortese has a collection of flash fiction out, Girl Power and Other Short-Short Stories. Her story “Disappearing Act” appeared here in 2013.

Hey, another one-word title! Andre Bagoo has a collection of poetry out now called Burn. His poem “After Caravaggio, Christ on the Mount of Olives” appeared on WR in 2012.

Nancy Hightower had two short stories previous published at WR win awards: “Kinds of Leaving” won First Place in Prick of the Spindle’s Fiction Open Competition No. 3, and “What The Father Would Have Said” earned an Honorable Mention in the same contest. Her poetry collection, The Acolyte, is available now.

Brainy Goodness

It’s been awhile since I rounded up good stuff that I’ve seen at Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings:

Awesome Women

Two good Karolina Waclawiak pieces: At the B&N Blog, Roxane Gay interviews her about dark places and her novel, The Invaders. And then at Electric Lit, more Invaders talk with Diane Cook. 

Some fab stuff at Wendy C. Ortiz‘s tumblr: On honesty and connection between people, and then her wonderful tribute to David Bowie. And then, she was also a guest on Kate Nash‘s podcast, Girl Gang FM.

Lidia Yuknavitch has a beautiful essay up at Guernica called “Woven:”

You know, stories change, just like the lives we’ve lived and selves we’ve inhabited. Nobody’s been the same person twice. I mean really. It’s the people walking around acting and sounding especially self-assured and whole who worry me the most.

At The RumpusCorina Zappia talks about “Female Image-Making and PJ Harvey,” and it’s excellent.

Caroline Bauman at Nieman Storyboard interviews Kaylen Ralph and Joanna Demkiewicz, founders of The Riveter — a publication full of longform journalism for women, by women.

At Dead HousekeepingAsha Rajan pays tribute to her grandmother and Deepavali/Divali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.

And finally, just because Valentine’s Day is this weekend, let’s take a look at the “Love DNA of Classic Novels,” many of which are available as free ebooks.

Until next time.

Notes From Elsewhere is brought to you by Sara Habein, who doesn’t pretend to be the first to know everything. 

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