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Notes From Elsewhere: Awards! Advice! Ace Reading Material! | Word Riot

November 4, 2015      

Notes From Elsewhere: Awards! Advice! Ace Reading Material!

Greetings, Rioters. Happy November to you all. Please forgive my excess of exclamation marks. Let’s cozy up to some interesting literary links, shall we?

Shakespeare, Not Stirred (cover)A bit of Word Riot author news: Michelle Ephraim, whose creative nonfiction appeared here in September 2012, has a new book out with Caroline BicksShakespeare, Not StirredBooze and Shakespeare? I’m in!

Submission Notes!

If you have a store between 2,000 and 10,000 words, Recommended Reading‘s deadline is November 6th. They pay $300.

PANK Magazine lives! When co-editors Roxane Gay and M. Bartley Seigel decided to stop publication, new owners stepped in. New details will be coming soon.

(Speaking of Roxane, she just won the 2015 PEN Center USA Freedom to Write Award.)

And speaking of Recommended Reading/Electric Lit, here’s a post on their blog from John Freeman: “Anatomy of a Discovery: How a Literary Magazine Editor Finds New Writers.”

Business Bits!

Just because an agent shows interest in your work doesn’t mean you have to say yes: Margarita Montimore has some advice for what to talk about with a prospective agent.

Agent Sarah LaPolla has a good post on “When Bad Books Happen to Good Writers.”

What if your book is a little bit unusual, such as a gift book? Agent Jennifer Laughren has some advice on finding someone to represent it.

At The Awl, Noah Davis talks about the varying pay rates freelancers receive and the difficulties involved.

Thomas Page McBee wants you to know: “If You’re in The Media, You’re Either Fighting Transphobia or Enforcing It.”

In Other News:

I really like this interview with Isaac Fitzgerald, he who made Buzzfeed Books great reading.

Joy Harjo has won the $100,000 Wallace Stevens award from the Academy of American Poets.

Here’s Tracy K. Smith‘s selections for the 50 Best New Poets 2015.

Speaking of Tracy K. Smith, here’s an excerpt from her memoir Ordinary Light, which I am still really, really wanting to read.

And speaking of the publisher of three of her poetry collections, here’s a look at how indie press Graywolf became the “major player” it is today.

Here’s President Obama and Marilynne Robinson just having an interesting conversation because they can.

Income for US authors falls below federal poverty line? YOU DON’T SAY.

Reading Suggestions!

Stephen McGann has a great post about a ballet inspired by DNA, and how art and science can relate to each other.

At Consequence of Sound, Sheldon Pearce examines hip-hop and depression.

I am all about Zach Brooks’ quest to find the fatty eggroll of his Grateful Dead-following youth.

Looking for women crime writers from other countries? Leila Roy has some suggestions for Norwegian and Argentinian writers to check out.

And I thought this post was interesting because I’d only heard of two of the writers on it: Ten Great Writers Nobody ReadsMarguerite Young sounds pretty awesome though.

Here’s Michelle Dean on women and the cliché of the literary drunkard. 

*sips gin*

And finally… Let’s all take a readcation.

Until next time, friends.


Notes From Elsewhere is brought to you by Sara Habein, who doesn’t pretend to be the first to know anything. 

Currently reading:

The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith (I’m almost done with it, but it’s really excellent and you should all read it.)

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