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Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition | Word Riot

December 4, 2012      

Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition

TLR - The Literary Review - LongFriends, it’s been a long time since we did one of these, so how about an extra-special, post-Thanksgiving, jumbo-sized Notes From Elsewhere? Yes, let’s.

First up with Word Riot author news, Paula Bomer has a new story, “Inside Madeleine,” in Long, the latest issue of The Literary Review.

Also, NANO Fiction and WR authors seem to get along quite well:

  • Volume 5, Number 2 features Genevieve Hudson, whose story “Used” appeared here in 2010.
  • Poetry editor Nicolle Elizabeth has a story in the latest issue of NANO Fiction, Volume 6, Number 1.
  • Zack Wentz also appears in the latest issue. His story, “Shitheart,” appeared here in 2005.

As usual, if you’re a former/current WR author and you have an update to share, do let us know.

On a related note, audiobook narrator Xe Sands recently recorded my story “Your Wrists Are Small,” which appeared in the collection Little (flash) Fiction. Be sure to read her commentary along with the track.

And if you’ll allow me one more moment of self-promotion this week, last week, I talked about my Five Favorite Books: 2012 over at Persephone Magazine. I’m talking “I want to hug your face off” favorites.

In more serious news, Jersey Devil Press’ co-founder Eirik Gumeny has cystic fibrosis and now needs a lung transplant. Perhaps you can help him out?

Some submission news: GalleyCat has a post on How to Pitch to The Los Angeles Review of Books. Also, RiverLit is once again looking for fiction, poetry and art submissions. Deadline is December 20th.

The Oatmeal has a funny recent comic about making things that will appear online.

Also, perhaps it’s not an awesome idea to submit or give your email address to Narrative MagazineMike Meginnis has some words for them over at HTMLGiant.

This is also quite good: Chad Prevost on Givers and Takers: Publisher-Writer Relationships.

Karolina Waclawiak, author of How to Get into The Twin Palms, has some advice for would-be novelists over at NY Press.

Waclawiak ran into several publishing-related entities who wanted to make drastic changes to her novel, but she held fast to her book’s existing plot. Perhaps other writers would have quaked at not being liked. Over at The Nation, Jessica Valenti has some thoughts on female likability with “She Who Dies With the Most Likes Wins?”

Anthony Bourdain is also another person who is not swayed easily. Here he explains his frustration and anger with the Travel Channel using him for product placement without his permission.

Loveable writer-crank Warren Ellis has some good things to say about “futurism, the New Aesthetic, and why social media isn’t killing our children,” over at The Verge.

I thought this was really funny: Over at McSweeney’s, Jimmy Chen imagines Raymond Carver’s OKCupid Profile, Edited by Gordon Lish.

“’The Rumpus is like publishing moved from a high-class champagne party to a beer picnic in the park.’ And he [managing editor Isaac Fitzgerald] adds, ‘One with a lot of ladies.’” Over at The Bold ItalicSarah Verena Kleinman wants you to know “There’s Always Room for The Rumpus.”

So why not spend a few minutes reading this excellent Sean Carman/Rumpus interview with Craig Nova?

Finally, have you heard about the Biblio-mat yet?

The BIBLIO-MAT from Craig Small on Vimeo.

Until next time…

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