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Girl Who Asks the Scarecrow Twenty Questions by Allison Wilkins | Word Riot

August 15, 2011      

Girl Who Asks the Scarecrow Twenty Questions by Allison Wilkins

Do you mind the dead crows hanging upside down around your head?
Can you fire a gun if you need to?
Are you the bogeyman?
Do you like the color green?
Would you prefer a pumpkin head or a burlap face?
Do you eat wheat or are you gluten-free?
What do you think about dialect?
Do you play nicely with others?
Do you like dark chocolate?
What would you do if you heard a scream?
Do you mind when dogs pee?
Does it get hot in May?
How does the rain feel at night?
Do you get lonely in the fields?
Do you know Kuebiko, the one who knows everything about the world?
Where are your thumbs?
How do sunflowers make you feel?
When do you sleep?
Do you think in terms of binaries?
Do you really have straw for brains?

About the author:

Allison Wilkins is a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas International MFA program. Her poems have appeared in or are forthcoming with STILL, Broken Bridge Review, The Georgetown Review, The Adirondack Review, Platte Valley Review and others. Her article “through the beautiful red”: The Use of the Color Red as the Triple-Goddess in Sylvia Plath’s Ariel, was published with Plath Profiles (August 2010). She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and dogs. She is an Assistant Professor of English and Associate Editor of the James Dickey Review at Lynchburg College.

    1 comment to Girl Who Asks the Scarecrow Twenty Questions by Allison Wilkins

    • Ed Bremson

      Old Man Asks Scarecrow Twenty Questions

      How much do you get paid?
      Do you have job security?
      Do you have a pension plan?
      How are your stocks doing?
      Do you own gold?
      What kind of sun block do you use?
      Do they ever give you an umbrella?
      Do you mind when crows shit on you?
      I take it you don’t smoke?
      Where were you at 10:15 last Friday night?
      Have you lost weight?
      Are you on Facebook?
      Do you have cable?
      How’s the wifi out here?
      Are you married?
      Ever been to Cabo?
      What is Dorothy like?
      You know you’re not in Kansas, right?
      Do you have a brain?
      What’s wrong, crow got your tongue?

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