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Asperatus by Adam Moorad | Word Riot

July 15, 2010      

Asperatus by Adam Moorad


from a rooftop down
she drinks his coffee
           on his building

she dances to a song
on japanese television

she watches the water
                                  burn the earth


he thought he would begin his life alone
he paddled through a warm tub
found a towel
stepped onto cement
and went

she was already waiting
by a railing leaning against it
like he’d taken hours to drown


the wind came         hiss
the water responded      and gurgled

he panicked, tugged his feet
one slipped and let the other follow
down the waves sprayed

he held his billfold to chest
in a slip drift sink he sank
slow until

he reached the bottom


her eyes lit
his muscles twisted
toward her lungs

she shook      swaddled
left him alone
dragged blankets across the patio

nothing outside but an empty pool

she passed the chainlink gate
into the glass-blown night left
with only a hushed spray
                                        and tinkle

when he shut the door
the lock rattled


in a broken bed he would be sleep
but can’t
he imagines his bed as a boat
in a flood
he can fish from the sheets
wait for her to bite
he will reel her in like he has done
one million times
he will see her twitching fins
and watch
she will choke in air
she will

About the author:

Adam’s writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in 3 A.M. Magazine, H_ngm_n, Elimae, PANK, and Pindeldyboz. He lives in Brooklyn and works in publishing. Visit him here:

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