The Girlfriend Game, stories by Nick Antosca

Word Riot Inc.: Kicking Small Press Into High Gear

March 2015 Issue

FLASH FICTION I Don’t Make the Rules by Matthew Barrett Where We Off To, Lulu Bee? by Rosie Forrest Artefacts by Iryna Klishch Eight Rings by Meghan Pipe

SHORT STORIES Wild Dogs and Children by Bruce Holbert

EXPERIMENTAL How to Survive a Human Attack: A Zombie’s Guide to Filling the Emptiness and Moving Forward by K.E. Flann The Door by Mark Hoadley

INTERVIEWS An Interview With Bibhas Roy Chowdhury by Kiriti Sengupta A Conversation About Lorine Niedecker: Angela Woodward and Cooper Renner

REVIEWS Bipolar Cowboy by Noah Cicero The Myth of Brilliant Summers by Austin Collings The Roadkill Collection by

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February 2015 Issue

FLASH FICTION The Grizzly Bear’s Cave by James R. Gapinski Dragon by Kim Magowan When a Hitman by Pete Stevens He Could Play The Clarinet by Anthony Varallo

SHORT STORIES The Gospel on Giving Up by Thomas Kearnes Renaissance by Emily Williamson

EXPERIMENTAL Mailbox by Sarah Gaffney The Three Friends by Mark Hoadley

REVIEWS The Palace of Illusions by Kim Addonizio This Wasted Land and Its Chymical Illuminations by Marc Vincenz

POETRY Two Poems by Tasha Graff Two Poems by Peter LaBerge Jesus Opens a Condom by Dana Guthrie Martin Two Poems by Christina Mun-Lutz For the Boy Who Went

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January 2015 Issue

FLASH FICTION Will Work 4 Food by Tasha Coryell Aliens by Eva Garber Paternity by Rupprecht Mayer Stuck by Emil Ostrovski Allure by Kenton K. Yee

SHORT STORIES The Turkey Rumble by Kate Folk

REVIEWS The Reverse Tree by Kiriti Sengupta

NOVEL EXCERPTS The Church of Our Lord of Higher Necessity by Ranbir Sidhu You Are Free to Go by Sarah Yaw

POETRY Two Poems by Karla Cordero Two Poems by Joseph Han Two Poems by Anna Meister Two Poems by John Mortara Audio Tour at Alcatraz Prison by Ranjani Murali Two Poems by Derek JG Williams


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December 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Stork by Claudia McGarva Comfort Food by Benjamin Nutu Rosa Vieja by Timothy Schirmer

SHORT STORIES Tegmine by Sally Franson Nobody Loves Mr. Iglesias by Shane Hinton

INTERVIEWS An Interview With Christine Swanberg by Carol Smallwood

REVIEWS Loitering: new and collected essays by Charles D’Ambrosio Fortress by Kristina Marie Darling

EXPERIMENTAL Sink by Shome Dasgupta Dredging by Asha Dore

POETRY New Year by Daniel Bohnhorst SEA STAR WASTING SYNDROME by Michelle Donahue Aubade with Ham by Vanessa Gabb LYING WHERE MY GRANDFATHER DIED, I’M WAITING FOR A SIGN by Sara Henning Two Poems by Jane Huffman A BIRD’S

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November 2014 Issue

FLASH FICTION The Apple Tree by Joe Lucido A Less Convenient Truth by Maggie Su The Rainforest by Dianne Turgeon Richardson

SHORT STORIES The Fight: Meditationa DeLaCarnivore vs. Mme. Oxford-Picayune by Jim Meirose

INTERVIEWS An Interview With Christine Redman-Waldeyer by Carol Smallwood Poetry & Baking: A Conversation with Kathleen Rooney

REVIEWS Hyperbole by Ryan Parmenter Butchers’ Crossing by John Williams

NOVEL EXCERPTS F-250 by Bud Smith

POETRY 16, Shanghai by Kristin Chang Magic by Tiana Clark Two Poems by Jonathan Dubow Two Poems by Catherine Gonick Semblance by Sandra Marchetti Docks by Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco Yearbook by Deonte Osayande


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October 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Carnival Ride by Courtney Craggett Needlepoint Man by Jaimie Eubanks Because I Knew Her When She Was Still Playing That Crappy Acoustic Guitar To Covers Of Radiohead By Jenine Gail Urquhart

SHORT STORIES Hoarders by Jami M. Kimbrell

REVIEWS Earth and Below by Susana H. Case

POETRY Two Poems by Carrie Murphy Choreography by Sarah Sgro East River Mermaid by Brigit Kelly Young

CREATIVE NONFICTION The Pickle Jar by Ryan Barrett Catcher by Spencer Hyde Mormon Boys in Cars by Ryan Shoemaker


September 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Fly High by Sarah Domet Returns by Patricia Ann McNair The Count by Kate Ryan

SHORT STORIES Caterpillars by Jane Flett Two Weeks After My Thirty-Fifth Birthday by Claire Miye Stanford Rainy Night in the Hospital of Animals by Brenda Peynado Bauhaus by Naomi Telushkin

REVIEWS How to Catch a Coyote by Christy Crutchfield The Suicide by Mark SaFranko

POETRY STOMACH MUSCULATURE IN ISLA VERDE by Bindu Bansinath Elegy for the New by Andrew Collard The Reply by Sarah Fletcher THE NEW PROMISE by Joshua R. Helms Notes From a Diving Slate Kept by the Bath by Jennifer

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August 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

Good writing. No Remorse.

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July 2014 Issue

FLASH FICTION Moira by Gary Moshimer Heads of the Line by Lori Schafer

SHORT STORIES Leibniz by Jo Beckett-King Sheetz vs. Purple Martins by B.G. Firmani

CREATIVE NONFICTION Wellsville by Louise Krug

REVIEWS An Untamed State by Roxane Gay Theories of Forgetting by Lance Olsen

INTERVIEWS An Interview with Noah Cicero by Caleb Hildenbrandt

POETRY Still Life with Kendrick Lamar’s Mama’s Van Driving in Reverse by Cortney Charleston Plague by Joanna Chen [the floor broke] by Freya Gibbon Two Poems by Patrick Kindig Supergirl On Batgirl by Amber Rambharose TO HUNGER by Cynthia Roth For the Guy Who Unfriended Me

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June 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION No Whiskey at Your Republic by Hansang Lee Haymaker by Brendan Steffen Interior Design by Alaina Symanovich

SHORT STORIES Belong by Caralyn Davis Orcinus Pas de Deux by Ann Tinkham

CREATIVE NONFICTION Teaching Writing at the Juvenile Justice Center, Fresno, California by J.J. Anselmi

REVIEWS Do You Have a Vacancy?: Morrissey and Getting What One Wants by Art Edwards

INTERVIEWS An Interview With Ben Moeller-Gaa by Kristina Marie Darling An Interview with Mike Joyce and Scott Waldyn by Melissa Huedem Niceties: Aural Ardor, Pardon Me by Elizabeth Mikesch

POETRY Builders by Brennan Bestwick TWO MEMORIES, COMPARED by Dalton

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