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Issues | Word Riot
Issues | July 29, 2017

Summer 2017 Fiction Issue

The Ladies Walking Club by Caitlin Corrigan A Snapping Turtle Having a Bad Experience Ordering Business Cards by Jordan Moffat How Your New Neighbors Arrive by Jeffrey Gibbs Ashes on Cape Cod by Miranda Forman Gluckschmerz by Michael Loveday Night Terrors by Abby Burns The Island, Language, and # Taboo by Saul Lemerond A Family Dinner by Justin Follin Smith The Double Doors by Chanacee Ruth-Killgore Monoculus by Susan McCreery Nothing But Dust by Deng Xiang As Wide, as Deep: a Heart and a Hole by Duncan Barlow Monsters in Times Square by Sarah Beaudette Prescient by Melissa Ostrom Volunteer

Issues | October 22, 2016

October 2016 Issue — Hitting Pause

This will be the last issue of Word Riot for at least six months as we take a hiatus.

Issues | August 22, 2016

August 2016 Issue

REVIEWS Literary Today through the Lens of Freeman’s Arrival by K. D. Rose Problems by Jade Sharma

EXPERIMENTAL The Last Will and Testament of Allen Kenneth Hall by Adam Bjelland Loyalty by Peter Grandbois Was It Gum Or by Justin Longacre Palimpsest Lovemaking and More by Craig McDaniel Tilt by Ashley Moore Interstellar by Carly Schweppe A Recipe for Disaster by Graham Reiboe

POETRY Cloaking by Deonte Osayande Two Poems by Trenton Pollard While Sculpting the Head of a Clown by Thomas Renjilian Two Poems by Scherezade Siobhan Two Poems by Monet P. Thomas

CREATIVE NONFICTION Dust by Lucie Bonvalet

Issues | July 23, 2016

July 2016 Issue

REVIEWS Sometimes You Just Don’t Want To Know and The Artistic Life by Mark SaFranko The Wave by Lochlan Bloom

FLASH FICTION The Stevie Wonder Apology Tour by Anthony Inverso After The Revolution by Emil Ostrovski

SHORT STORIES The Gulf of Pass by Jessica Lee Richardson

POETRY How to Be Slaughtered by Ajanae Dawkins Two Poems by Raffi Kiureghian Two Poems by Luis Neer TORNADO WARNING by Ephraim Scott Sommers Four Poems by Billie R. Tadros

CREATIVE NONFICTION Mom Before New York by Rachel Ann Brickner Two Kinds of Love by Emmett Lindner Conatus by Annalise Mabe The Best Man

Issues | June 21, 2016

June 2016 Issue

FLASH FICTION The Equestrian by Cal Freeman Freckles by Betsy Jemas Thick-Boned by Rebecca Ann Jordan Contortion, Distortion by Christina Sun

SHORT STORIES The Takeover by Nick Sansone The Fortunate Ones by Larry Silberfein

EXPERIMENTAL When I Want You by Lisa Locascio

POETRY Two Poems by Laura Buccieri Three Poems by Benjamin DeVos Two Poems by Courtney Gustafson Fragments Toward a Metaphysics of Southwestern Canada by Jackson Holbert 1974 by Raisa Imogen Self-Portrait with Pesticide by Karla Lamb

CREATIVE NONFICTION Risk by Jamie Cattanach The Metabolic Process of Trauma by Chelsey Clammer Are You There, Avatar? It’s Me, the ‘70s.

Issues | May 19, 2016

May 2016 Issue

REVIEW Balancing Acts, New & Collected Poems 1993 – 2015 by Yahia Lababidi The Secret Correspondence of Loon & Fiasco by Carlo Matos

INTERVIEW Laura Elrick’s Propagation: A Conversation Between Angela Woodward and Cooper Renner

FLASH FICTION Seven Degrees of Separation by Anne Lawrence Bradshaw Prepared by Chris Ceravolo Michael Hudson Presents Melanie Moore with a Non-Exhaustive, Yet Representative List of What She’s Done in the Last Year to Avoid Saying that Depression is Eating Her Libido by Colleen Kolba A Big Girl’s Guide to Love by Natalie Lima Kaleidoscope by Stefan Lutter Valentine Springs by Daniel Riddle Rodriguez


Issues | April 18, 2016

April 2016 Issue

REVIEW I’m From Electric Peak by Bud Smith

EXPERIMENTAL Three Prose Poems by Michael Chin

FLASH FICTION And The Wind Blew In Laura by Sarah Arantza Amador Above Rubies by Dawn Davies Then Go To Paris, I Say by Yasmina Din Madden

SHORT STORIES How to Hack a Breakup by T.R. Boone The New Clowns by John Picard

POETRY Two Poems by Laura Esposto Two Poems by Adam Falkner How to Tell You’re Still Alive by Ting Gou Two Poems by Erin Jones Two Poems by Jenson Leonard Two Poems by Julian Randall

CREATIVE NONFICTION Royal Oak by Elizabeth Brinsfield

Issues | March 18, 2016

March 2016 Issue

REVIEW Everything is Conditional Love Poems by Donavon Davidson

EXPERIMENTAL Some Questions for Our Future Robot Sex Partners by Andrew Cartwright

FLASH FICTION Feel This Way by Charles Heiner Wil E. Coyote by Amit Majmudar First Sorrows by Emil Ostrovski Voice by Aisha Phoenix

SHORT STORIES Once Upon a Tantrum by A.K. Benninghofen

POETRY Two Poems by Emily Dhatt The Goldfinch by Dave Martin Two Poems by Bo Schwabacher Two Poems by Sarah Scott Two Poems by Jake Skeets About This Time, Nine Years Ago by Marco Yan

CREATIVE NONFICTION Eurasian Splendor by Nicola Koh Limbs by Katy Shay A

Issues | February 15, 2016

February 2016 Issue

REVIEW Meaty by Samantha Irby

EXPERIMENTAL Field Notes: Linguistics by Joelle A. Chassé Brown by D. E. Steward Arguing With Myself Over Sushi by jeff taylor

FLASH FICTION The Second-to-Last Supper by Amit Majmudar Going Down by Adrienne Parker Meat Beauty by Simon Pinkerton

SHORT STORIES Such Stuff by Steve Finbow

POETRY NAGL by Sarah Jean Grimm Two Poems by Roy G. Guzmán Two Poems by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Just Bulbs by Alexis Quinlan Two Poems by Sara Quinn Rivara Two Poems by Steven Sanchez

CREATIVE NONFICTION To Bring a Boy to Relapse by Tom Cusano On Strangers, Like Secrets

Issues | January 17, 2016

January 2016 Issue

FLASH FICTION Flirting by Kate Gies Le Témoin by Kathleen Rooney Three Ways to Eat Quince by Michelle Ross Oater, With Air Conditioning by Tyler Stoddard Smith

SHORT STORIES Talk, Talk by Edward Mc Whinney The Makeover by Robert Sachs The Brown Note by Jessica Walker

POETRY Tiny Enterprise by Tasha Cotter Ode To Bob Marley, Ending in Inheritance by Malcolm Friend Downward by Samuel Hovda Deluxe Moments by Sarah J. Sloat Irish Goodbye by Dylan Weir

CREATIVE NONFICTION Those I’ve Loved by Julia Jenkins From a Darkened Shore by David Z. Morris Everything I Know About Being a Gay

Issues | December 16, 2015

December 2015 Issue

FLASH FICTION What We by Vanessa Cuti Snow Cranes by Kenneth Duffy A Guide to Wioskasłomy by David Galef Bike Heaven by Steven Grassel The Rise and Fall of Reme by Andrew Gretes Hanged Man by Amit Majmudar

EXPERIMENTAL Cats by Amy Fusselman Why Do We Return, Why Do We Stay? by Brittany Harmon

SHORT STORIES Hiring Process by Stephen M. Dickey

POETRY Looking for Mushrooms by Dason Anderson Two Poems by Paul Asta Two Poems by Rebecca Bornstein Have Fun on Your Road Trip through the End of the World with this Complimentary Map by Su Cho from FAKE

Issues | November 16, 2015

November 2015 Issue

FLASH FICTION What We Cannot Change by Alexander Cendrowski Talking Through the Lobster by Amanda Chiado Undergrounds by Deirdre Hines in such perilous circumstance by Timston Johnston The One That Got Away by Jane O’Keeffe

SHORT STORIES Can Your Hear Me? by Emil Ostrovski Creed by Guinotte Wise

POETRY The Illustrated Catalogue of Fishes by Molly Brown Three Poems by Jaime Garcia Two Poems by Lisa Hiton Two Poems by Davon Loeb excerpt from “Jazzercise is a Language” by Gabriel Ojeda-Sague Two Poems by Brad Trumpfheller

CREATIVE NONFICTION How Deep They Cut by Lynn Marie Houston The Plate Rail by

Issues | October 16, 2015

October 2015 Issue

FLASH FICTION Not A Cupid by Molly Giles Choice Cuts by Genevieve Mathis Ballad of Lefty by Leah Rogin-Roper Gone for the Night by Sophia Wiltrout

SHORT STORIES The Search for Boyle by Darrin Doyle It Mostly Just Very Slowly Knocked Me to the Ground by Jenna Hymes Pearls Before Swine by Marianne Salina

POETRY Two Poems by Chris Barton Two Poems by Molly Jean Bennett One Direction by Chris Campanioni bestiary by Emily Corwin Two Poems by Kamden Hilliard Two Poems by Joshua Johnston Two Poems by John A. Nieves

CREATIVE NONFICTION The Psychedelic by Anuradha Bhowmik The Bell

Issues | September 16, 2015

September 2015 Issue

The September 2015 issue features work by Brianna Albers, Emily J. Cousins, Patrick Dundon, Gary Joshua Garrison, Sean Gill, John Goulet, Gibson Culbreth, Connie Guo, Efren Hernandez, Eleanor Kriseman, Greg Letellier, Gabrielle Montesanti, Mary Jean Murphy, Maria Pinto, Wolfrick Schlitt, Mary Stone, Ed Taylor, Smriti Verma, and Eliot Wilde.

Issues | August 16, 2015

August 2015 Issue

The August 2015 issue features work by Cathy Allman, Elvira Basevich, Lindsay Brader, Monica Busch, Linda Carela, M. Cooper, Gabriela Frank, Alan Good, Marc Grey, Leslie Kendall Dye, Safwan Khatib, George Korolog, Jacob Little, C.T. McGaha, Christen Noel, Deanna Paul, Cooper Renner, Chuck Strangward, and Satarah Wheeler.