The Girlfriend Game, stories by Nick Antosca

Word Riot Inc.: Kicking Small Press Into High Gear

October 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Carnival Ride by Courtney Craggett Needlepoint Man by Jaimie Eubanks Because I Knew Her When She Was Still Playing That Crappy Acoustic Guitar To Covers Of Radiohead By Jenine Gail Urquhart

SHORT STORIES Hoarders by Jami M. Kimbrell

REVIEWS Earth and Below by Susana H. Case

POETRY Two Poems by Carrie Murphy Choreography by Sarah Sgro East River Mermaid by Brigit Kelly Young

CREATIVE NONFICTION The Pickle Jar by Ryan Barrett Catcher by Spencer Hyde Mormon Boys in Cars by Ryan Shoemaker


September 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Fly High by Sarah Domet Returns by Patricia Ann McNair The Count by Kate Ryan

SHORT STORIES Caterpillars by Jane Flett Two Weeks After My Thirty-Fifth Birthday by Claire Miye Stanford Rainy Night in the Hospital of Animals by Brenda Peynado Bauhaus by Naomi Telushkin

REVIEWS How to Catch a Coyote by Christy Crutchfield The Suicide by Mark SaFranko

POETRY STOMACH MUSCULATURE IN ISLA VERDE by Bindu Bansinath Elegy for the New by Andrew Collard The Reply by Sarah Fletcher THE NEW PROMISE by Joshua R. Helms Notes From a Diving Slate Kept by the Bath by Jennifer

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August 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

Good writing. No Remorse.

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July 2014 Issue

FLASH FICTION Moira by Gary Moshimer Heads of the Line by Lori Schafer

SHORT STORIES Leibniz by Jo Beckett-King Sheetz vs. Purple Martins by B.G. Firmani

CREATIVE NONFICTION Wellsville by Louise Krug

REVIEWS An Untamed State by Roxane Gay Theories of Forgetting by Lance Olsen

INTERVIEWS An Interview with Noah Cicero by Caleb Hildenbrandt

POETRY Still Life with Kendrick Lamar’s Mama’s Van Driving in Reverse by Cortney Charleston Plague by Joanna Chen [the floor broke] by Freya Gibbon Two Poems by Patrick Kindig Supergirl On Batgirl by Amber Rambharose TO HUNGER by Cynthia Roth For the Guy Who Unfriended Me

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June 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION No Whiskey at Your Republic by Hansang Lee Haymaker by Brendan Steffen Interior Design by Alaina Symanovich

SHORT STORIES Belong by Caralyn Davis Orcinus Pas de Deux by Ann Tinkham

CREATIVE NONFICTION Teaching Writing at the Juvenile Justice Center, Fresno, California by J.J. Anselmi

REVIEWS Do You Have a Vacancy?: Morrissey and Getting What One Wants by Art Edwards

INTERVIEWS An Interview With Ben Moeller-Gaa by Kristina Marie Darling An Interview with Mike Joyce and Scott Waldyn by Melissa Huedem Niceties: Aural Ardor, Pardon Me by Elizabeth Mikesch

POETRY Builders by Brennan Bestwick TWO MEMORIES, COMPARED by Dalton

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May 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Encountering by Dan Corfield SCHOOL by Melissa Goodrich Compassion by Amit Majmudar Motor Magic by Steven Murray

SHORT STORIES What Have You Done? by Charles Rafferty

REVIEWS Kicking the Sky by Anthony De Sa The Shimmering Go-Between by Lee Klein

INTERVIEWS An Interview With Tsipi Keller by Cooper Renner

POETRY Two Poems by Kristin George Bagdanov Song for Saratoga Springs (or, a study in Clyde Barrow’s childhood) by Yasmin Belkhyr Diorama Where Two Baby-Dolls Kill Their Grandmother by Nandini Dhar Two Poems by Sara Henry Quijote by Kenan Ince THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS THE

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April 2014 Issue

FLASH FICTION Beach Sixty-Nine by Jennifer Chardon In the Lake by Gina DiPonio You by Lucy McKee

EXPERIMENTAL impen(ding) by Vanessa Couto Johnson Tendu by Elizabeth Schmuhl

CREATIVE NONFICTION Fool by Rick Bailey Fancy Gap by Spencer Fleury Scrap by Alex Norcia

REVIEWS Romance For Delinquents by Michael Hampton

POETRY Palm-Reader, Fifth Avenue by Kenzie Allen Two Poems by Will Arbery Sex Ed: On Sex and Babies by Andrea Beltran Leda Leaves Manhattan by Emily Rose Cole Two Poems by Dan Encarnacion PSA by Dominic Gualco Two Poems by Alice Ladrick Returning the Artificial Tree by Al Ortolani Two Poems

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March 2014 Issue

FLASH FICTION Mark by Matt Briggs Volcanologist by Christian Hayden Hunger by Emil Ostrovski Somewhere on the Thirtieth Floor by James Reinebold

SHORT STORIES Women of Ernesto by Molly Bridgeforth Birthday Cake by Rayne Gasper Heimlich by MC Moore

NOVEL EXCERPTS Rebrand by James Matthews

CREATIVE NONFICTION Paper Lanterns by Sunny Bleckinger Bosoms by Corabel Shofner

REVIEWS Vow by Kristina Marie Darling

POETRY Frost Fire by Terrell Jamal Terry Study of the Back of a Head by Stephanie Cawley Supermoon by Mary-Alice Daniel Two Poems by Jeffrey Haynes Correspondence by Julia Heney Orange Acid and Other Admissions of Guilt by

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February 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Deck Story by Ken Cormier The Dismantling by Michael Credico Interview with Kipfel by Rupprecht Mayer Supercharged Folly by Z.E. Ratches The Blue Stage by Eldon Reishus Talking Ink by Stuart Turnbull

SHORT STORIES Red Alert by Thomas Kearnes Fat Brother by Portland Riley

NOVEL EXCERPTS Rebrand by James Matthews Tollbooth by Bud Smith

EXPERIMENTAL Five Pieces by Parker Tettleton

REVIEWS What I’ve Stolen, What I’ve Earned by Sherman Alexie Einstein On The Beach Again by Fred Skolnik

INTERVIEWS An Interview with Poe Ballantine In Conversation: Derek White and Cooper Renner

POETRY #Trending by Terry Belew Elegy for

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January 2014 Issue

FLASH FICTION Relief in the Middle Sliver by William Blomstedt Jerk Feng Shui by Robert Lunday Hush Now by Suzanne Nielsen

SHORT STORIES The Breakfast Table by Travis Vick

CREATIVE NONFICTION The Damage Done by Melissa DeCarlo The Slow Book Movement by Art Edwards Blood Money by Austin Harrington Remembering Kaukau by Gavin McCall

REVIEWS Falling Into the Fire by Christine Montros

EXPERIMENTAL Three Short-Shorts by Michael K. Meyers Richard’s Lincoln by Christopher X. Shade

POETRY Theodicy by Joshua Bennett Two Poems by Sarah Carson Toy Marine by Alex M. Frankel laura nesbit: maybe you’ll google your name and see

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