The Girlfriend Game, stories by Nick Antosca

Word Riot Inc.: Kicking Small Press Into High Gear

March 2014 Issue

FLASH FICTION Mark by Matt Briggs Volcanologist by Christian Hayden Hunger by Emil Ostrovski Somewhere on the Thirtieth Floor by James Reinebold

SHORT STORIES Women of Ernesto by Molly Bridgeforth Birthday Cake by Rayne Gasper Heimlich by MC Moore

NOVEL EXCERPTS Rebrand by James Matthews

CREATIVE NONFICTION Paper Lanterns by Sunny Bleckinger Bosoms by Corabel Shofner

REVIEWS Vow by Kristina Marie Darling

POETRY Frost Fire by Terrell Jamal Terry Study of the Back of a Head by Stephanie Cawley Supermoon by Mary-Alice Daniel Two Poems by Jeffrey Haynes Correspondence by Julia Heney Orange Acid and Other Admissions of Guilt by

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February 2014 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Deck Story by Ken Cormier The Dismantling by Michael Credico Interview with Kipfel by Rupprecht Mayer Supercharged Folly by Z.E. Ratches The Blue Stage by Eldon Reishus Talking Ink by Stuart Turnbull

SHORT STORIES Red Alert by Thomas Kearnes Fat Brother by Portland Riley

NOVEL EXCERPTS Rebrand by James Matthews Tollbooth by Bud Smith

EXPERIMENTAL Five Pieces by Parker Tettleton

REVIEWS What I’ve Stolen, What I’ve Earned by Sherman Alexie Einstein On The Beach Again by Fred Skolnik

INTERVIEWS An Interview with Poe Ballantine In Conversation: Derek White and Cooper Renner

POETRY #Trending by Terry Belew Elegy for

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January 2014 Issue

FLASH FICTION Relief in the Middle Sliver by William Blomstedt Jerk Feng Shui by Robert Lunday Hush Now by Suzanne Nielsen

SHORT STORIES The Breakfast Table by Travis Vick

CREATIVE NONFICTION The Damage Done by Melissa DeCarlo The Slow Book Movement by Art Edwards Blood Money by Austin Harrington Remembering Kaukau by Gavin McCall

REVIEWS Falling Into the Fire by Christine Montros

EXPERIMENTAL Three Short-Shorts by Michael K. Meyers Richard’s Lincoln by Christopher X. Shade

POETRY Theodicy by Joshua Bennett Two Poems by Sarah Carson Toy Marine by Alex M. Frankel laura nesbit: maybe you’ll google your name and see

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December 2013 Issue

Word Riot Press

FLASH FICTION Champagne Breakfast by Catherine Chiarella Domonkos On Father’s Beard by Jody Sperling The Ventriloquist by Marcelina Vizcarra God Bless the Child by Shaun Turner

NOVEL EXCERPTS Understudies by Ravi Mangla Rebrand by Jim Matthews The Revenant by George Saitoh

CREATIVE NONFICTION Notes on the Great Pigeon Race Disaster by Alicia Catt

POETRY The Rainy Days We Said We’d Always Keep to Ourselves by Dason Anderson Unemployment Poem #2 by Fatimah Asghar CAROLINE WHO WILL YOU PRAY TO NOW THAT YOU ARE DEAD: SAINT RITA by Caroline Crew Two Poems by Megan Dobkin Barn Paint by Cody Ernst

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November 2013 Issue

FLASH FICTION Monkey Eyes by Kenneth Duffy What She Saw in the Crystal Ball by Goldie Goldbloom Give by Lana Huh A Short List of Things You Wanted To Touch by Alisha Karabinus

SHORT STORIES Picking Up A Burrito In A Walmart Parking Lot by Nathan Scott McNamara Specters by Mariah Robbins

CREATIVE NONFICTION Never Any End to Irony by Eliza Migdal

STRETCHING FORMS Variations on Ophelia by Alexa Derman

INTERVIEWS An Interview with Daryl Scroggins by Cooper Renner

REVIEWS The Biology of Luck by Jacob M. Appel Brushes With by Kristina Marie Darling Liliane’s Balcony: A Novella of Fallingwater

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October 2013 Issue

FLASH FICTION Disappearing Act by Katie Cortese Permanence by Jesse Cramer Escape Craft by Bridget Dooley With Cat by Kelly Magee and Carol Guess Halfway Home by Ian McCormick The Black Toenail Diaries: an index by Mary McMyne The Interpretation of Validated Instruments by Joel Smith

POETRY The Same Dream by Michael Bazzett Two Poems by Jennifer Hanks I HAVE ALL THESE SKILLS by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Departure by Abriana Jette Math Problem by Michael Lupi Waiting on Lazarus by Al Ortolani Denial by Eric Otto Postmodern Like That by Michelle Reale catalogue by Hannah White That’s Great but I’m

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September 2013 Issue

SHORT STORIES Juárez by Caitlin Corrigan The White Wings of Moths by Tessa Mellas Mama’s Boy by M.E. Parker

FLASH FICTION Edge of the Loch by Michelle Elvy Really by Barbara Fried An ounce of sauce hides a multitude of sins by Shane Joaquin Jimenez

POETRY Acetone by Manda Kate Burgstrom Serpentine by Kristen Gunther Alquezar by Kevin King Three Stitches by Farryl Last POET GIRL by Kara Lyon A Brief History of Human Knowledge by Stephen Massimilla Time Catcher by Albulena Shabani Ars Fabula by Carly Steele Wastoid: Sonnets by Mathias Svalina Two Haiku by Mike Topp

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August 2013 Issue

CREATIVE NONFICTION Brooklyn Zan Boko by Bani Amor

NOVEL EXCERPTS The Cristiania Pushers’ Dog Show by Per Šmidl CAT-STEALER by Simon Jacobs

EXPERIMENTAL Two Prose Poems by Reem Abu-Baker Hummels by Lily Hoang and Carmen Gimenez Smith

SHORT STORIES Molosser by Cyndisa Coles-Harris Gullstown by Edward Mc Whinney

REVIEWS Crapalachia: A Biography of Place by Scott McClanahan

FLASH FICTION Heads Up by Marian Brooks To The Dance by Jessica Pisano

POETRY On This Day in History by Jamie Gaughran-Perez Novella by Mitchell Grabois Night Yard by Nels Hanson SUPPOSE A POEM by Gwendolyn Jensen Red Lips by Erica Johnsonthe curate

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July 2013 Issue

Word Riot Press

INTERVIEWS An Interview With Anne Champion by Kristina Marie Darling An Interview with Noah Cicero by Caleb Hildenbrandt

CREATIVE NONFICTION A Case of Thirst, Annotated by Sarah Minor Every Hole Is a Tunnel by Carly Susser

FLASH FICTION Useless Animals by Nathan Goldman Moonlight Madness by Emily Koon Moon Time by Bob Thurber

SHORT STORIES Amazing Grace by Rita Ariyhoshi Boats Against the Current by Conor Kelley

POETRY Three Poems by Wiley Birkhofer Two Poems by Elizabeth Bohnhorst The Diamond Sea by André Braga Cabral Five Poems by J.M. Gamble And Your Penance For Choosing the Wrong Man Shall Be

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June 2013 Issue

FLASH FICTION Bed of Roses by Danielle Allen

NOVEL EXCERPTS Bullshit Rodeo by Misti Rainwater-Lites

SHORT STORIES The Funeral by Darlene P. Campos The Salad by MH Rowe Strip This Down by Nini Berndt-Di Lisio

STRETCHING FORMS I’ll join you in the graveyard, if I can do my banking there by TJ Lyons

POETRY Self (I/II) by Robert Balun Five Poems by Lindsay Doukopoulos Destination by Adam Day At the Bar by Vanessa Jimenez Gabb Maiden mouth by Dawnell Harrison When I was a Romance Novel by Jeffrey Haynes Love Song by Matthew Huff Two Poems by Tristan Moss 61

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