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In Conversation: Derek White and Cooper Renner

Derek White runs Calamari Press & blogs at

COOPER: You’re widely noted both as author/illustrator and as book designer/publisher, but for a moment at least, let’s talk about reading. Your interests clearly range far beyond the minute explorations of daily life in 21st century America. What foreign author is the latest addition to your list of favorites? What draws you in to his/her work?

DEREK: I’m not sure I’m that widely known for anything & don’t mind being somewhat off the radar. And I don’t pride myself with being much of a reader either, especially in regards to what’s

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An Interview with Poe Ballantine

By Bart Schaneman

There’s a little town on the Pine Ridge of western Nebraska called Chadron. Not too many have heard of it. If anyone would care to listen, you might be able to explain to them that this unknown area of America has its own particular landscape. It’s not quite plains, nor is it simply forest or mountains. It’s all of these things and none of them at once. There’s a little state college there, but it’s mostly a cow town.

The essayist and novelist Poe Ballantine ended up there the first time in 1994 much the same way

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An Interview with Daryl Scroggins by Cooper Renner

Daryl Scroggins and his wife—the artist Cindy Scroggins—recently moved to Marfa, Texas. His latest book, This Is Not the Way We Came In, a collection of flash fictions and a flash novel, is available from Ravenna Press.

COOPER RENNER: Daryl, you and I have known each other a long time, and we’ve both shared favorite writers and disagreed about writers. One we both admire, one who still doesn’t get enough attention, is Lorine Niedecker. Tell me what you like about her work.

DARYL SCROGGINS: I admire Lorine Niedecker’s utter lack of pretension–a trait that informed her life and her aesthetic

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An Interview With Anne Champion by Kristina Marie Darling


KMD: Reluctant Mistress is a formally diverse collection. Lyric fragments appear alongside couplets, tercets, and quatrains. Do you see your work as paying homage to established literary forms, subverting them, or both?

AC: For the most part, I’m paying homage. I’d like to blaze my own trail too, but I have tried to understand the history and tradition of poetry and appropriate it. This comes with obstacles, as the tradition has not always been welcoming to women, but there are so many women writing now who I deeply admire that are both honoring the tradition and subverting it.

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An Interview with Noah Cicero by Caleb Hildenbrandt

Noah Cicero’s The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Vol. I was recently issued by Lazy Fascist Press, and it’s a knockout of a book. In a scant two hundred pages, Noah Cicero manages to fuse existential bleakness with firm morality, and then situate the result in a piercingly accurate regionalism, reminding me of everything from Becket to medieval mystery plays to Edith Wharton to Flannery O’Connor, with a compassion reminiscent of Stephen Crane and a dash of Ginsburg’s lyric anger thrown in for good measure. Of course, once these snippets are added up, Collected Works as a whole doesn’t resemble

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An Interview with Kristina Marie Darling by Lightsey Darst

Kristina 1

Kristina Marie Darling is the author of nine books, which include Melancholia (An Essay) (Ravenna Press, 2012), The Moon & Other Inventions: Poems After Joseph Cornell (BlazeVOX Books, 2012), and (with Carol Guess) X Marks the Dress: A Registry (Gold Wake Press, forthcoming in 2014). Her writing has been honored with fellowships from the Corporation of Yaddo, the Hawthornden Castle International Retreat for Writers, the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Vermont Studio Center, and the Ragdale Foundation, as well as grants from the Kittredge Fund and the Elizabeth George Foundation. Her newest poetry collection,

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An Interview With Nico Vassilakis by David Hoenigman


Nico Vassilakis works with both textual and visual alphabet. Recent books include Staring @ Poetics (Xexoxial Editions, 2011), West of Dodge (redfoxpress, 2010), Protracted Type (Blue Lion Books, 2009), staReduction (Book Thug, 2008), and Text Loses Time (Many Penny Press, 2007). His

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An Interview With Rick Rofihe by Nicolle Elizabeth

Rick Rofihe sat down with us over email for a chat, (and to tell me how to correctly spell my friend Todd Zuniga’s name). Check out and congratulations to Word Riot’s own Martha Clarkson for winning this year’s RRofihe Trophy.

Nicolle Elizabeth: Hey Rick. Thanks for chatting with us over here at Word Riot. You run the Rofihe Trophy contest and have just chosen our previous Poetry Editor Ms. Martha Clarkson as this round’s winner. We had no idea she had entered and are super psyched for her and think you must have made an excellent choice. Also that

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An Interview With Thomas E. Kennedy by Timmy Waldron

Photograph by Mark Hillringhouse

Thomas E. Kennedy is the award winning author of over 30 books, including novels, story and essay collections, literary criticism, and anthologies – most recently from, Bloomsbury worldwide, the COPENHAGEN QUARTET, four independent novels about the souls and seasons of the Danish capital: IN THE COMPANY OF ANGELS (2010), FALLING SIDEWAYS (2011) and, in 2013 and 2014, KERRIGAN IN COPENHAGEN and BENEATH THE NEON EGG. His stories, essays and translations have appeared in numerous publications, and in recent editions of the Boston Review, Ecotone, New Letters, and South Carolina Review. He has lived in Denmark for

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An Interview With Alex Grecian by MaryAnne Kolton

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 7.06.34 PM

Photo courtesy Christy Grecian

In the ripping-good thriller The Yard, you will meet the child Fenn, Detective Inspector Walter Day, and the dancing man, among other unforgettable characters. A splendid look into the crimes of the times and the Yard’s newly created Murder Squad. The author’s skillfully crafted descriptive passages will leave you feeling the rainy chill of Victorian London, and shivering at the wanton, unrestrained appetites of murderers everywhere.

MaryAnne Kolton: What were your favorite childhood books? Who encouraged you to read and what was your family life like, if you please?

Alex Grecian: My favorite childhood books

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