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Flash Fiction

Needlepoint Man by Jaimie Eubanks

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Jaimie Eubanks lives, works and writes in Minneapolis and Miami. Her work can be found in places such as Bartleby Snopes, Thought Catalog, and Crack the Spine.

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Flash Fiction

Carnival Ride by Courtney Craggett


Courtney Craggett is a doctoral candidate in creative writing and Chicana/o literature at the University of North Texas, where she teaches English and has served as the Assistant Fiction Editor for the American Literary Review. Her fiction appears in Mid-American Review and Washington Square Review. Her reviews appear monthly in American Microreviews and Interviews. Before beginning her graduate work she taught elementary school in Puebla, Mexico, under the shadow of the volcano Popocatépetl.

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Flash Fiction

Because I Knew Her When She Was Still Playing That Crappy Acoustic Guitar To Covers Of Radiohead By Jenine Gail Urquhart


Jenine Gail Urquhart currently resides in Saskatoon after completing her BFA in English Literature between the University of Saskatchewan and York University. She spends her evenings serving pints and her days slinging espresso in order to explore the likes of Bolivia, Peru, India, Nepal, and Isreal. Her inspiration from the bustle of travel and the vastness of the Canadian prairies brings you her first publication.

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Flash Fiction

The Count by Kate Ryan

me and butt butt

My writing has been featured on Seven Ponds, Luna Luna Magazine, and Ravishly. You can find my personal blog at I currently live in Los Angeles.

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Flash Fiction

Returns by Patricia Ann McNair


My short story collection, The Temple of Air, was published in 2011 and named the Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year, Devil’s Kitchen Reading Prose Winner, and the Society of Midland Authors Finalist in Fiction. I am an associate professor in the Department of Creative Writing at Columbia College Chicago.

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Flash Fiction

Fly High by Sarah Domet

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Sarah Domet’s short fiction and nonfiction has been published in journals such as Beloit Fiction Journal, New Delta Review, Harpur Palate, Juked, Bluestem Review, Potomac Review, Hobart, Talking Writing, Many Mountains Moving, Barely South Review, and other places. She’s the author of the craft book 90 Days to Your Novel, and she teaches writing at Georgia Southern University.

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Flash Fiction

Mistralismus by Dan Reiter

Dan Reiter

Dan Reiter is always working on something. His most recent offerings won The Florida Review Editor’s Award in fiction and Bartleby Snopes story of the month. A more bizarre piece is currently on display at Burrow Press Review. More of his sudden fiction is upcoming in Spork and other journals. He lives and dreams here:

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Flash Fiction

What the Father Would Have Said by Nancy Hightower

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Nancy Hightower’s work has appeared in storySouth, Word Riot, Gargoyle, Red Fez, Prick of the Spindle, Prime Number Magazine and Big Muddy, and is forthcoming in A cappella Zoo. Her short story collection “Kinds of Leaving,” was shortlisted for the Flann O’Brien Award for Innovative Fiction, and Port Yonder press will publish her collection of poetry, The Acolyte. She currently reviews science fiction and fantasy for The Washington Post<.

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Flash Fiction

On Witnessing by Tracie Renée Dawson


Tracie Dawson is a first year MFA student at The University of South Carolina and her poetry can be found in Rabbit Catastrophe Review.

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Flash Fiction

Moira by Gary Moshimer

Our hotel in Italy hung on a cliff. There were steep steps to the beach, the stone worn by generations. It made me shiver. We were there for a month; our father had a windfall. I was eleven, and my sister Ivy was thirteen.

The sky was deep blue and the water green and the tide pool clear but alive with all kinds of life in every color. The local boys and girls were brown with dark hair streaked with gold. Their skin seemed to sparkle, as if forever engrained with sand, and all of them were beautiful.

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