Flash Fiction | January 15, 2016

Oater, With Air Conditioning by Tyler Stoddard Smith


Tyler Stoddard Smith’s writing has been featured in: UTNE Reader, McSweeney’s, Esquire, The Best American Fantasy, The Beautiful Anthology and The Morning News, among others. His book, Whore Stories: A Revealing History of the World’s Oldest Profession was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012.

Flash Fiction | January 15, 2016

Three Ways to Eat Quince by Michelle Ross


Michelle Ross’s writing has won prizes from Gulf Coast, Main Street Rag, and Sixfold and has been twice nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in The Adroit Journal, Arroyo Literary Review, The Common, cream city review, gravel, Necessary Fiction, and other journals. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, and is Fiction Editor of Atticus Review.

Flash Fiction | January 15, 2016

Le Témoin by Kathleen Rooney

Credit: Philip Dembinski

Kathleen Rooney is a founding editor of Rose Metal Press, a publisher of literary work in hybrid genres, and a founding member of Poems While You Wait. Co-editor, with Eric Plattner, of The Selected Writings of René Magritte, forthcoming from Alma Books (UK) and University of Minnesota Press (U.S.) in 2016, she is also the author of seven books of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction, including, most recently, the novel O, Democracy! (2014) and the novel in poems Robinson Alone (2012). Her second novel, What Makes You Seek Your Fortune Here, will be published by St. Martin’s Press in 2017.

Flash Fiction | January 15, 2016

Flirting by Kate Gies


Kate Gies lives in Toronto, where she writes and teaches creative non-fiction at George Brown College. She once took an abstract painting class and (according to her instructor) got progressively worse over time. She’s decided to just stick with the writing.

Flash Fiction | December 15, 2015

Hanged Man by Amit Majmudar

You and a friend are playing Hangman. You draw the upside-down L of the gallows and set down eight dashes. Your friend guesses letters. She guesses none of the letters correctly. Part by part, the hanged man materializes on the gallows, a stick figure born executed, capitally punished for the sin of someone else’s ignorance committed before his existence. Your friend rolls her eyes and says she has better things to do than play this game she last played in elementary school. She doesn’t even bother to see what the word is.       After she goes, idly you write the

Flash Fiction | December 15, 2015

The Rise and Fall of Reme by Andrew Gretes

Author picture (Andrew Gretes)

Andrew Gretes is the author of the novel, How to Dispose of Dead Elephants (Sandstone Press 2014). His fiction has appeared in such publications as Witness and Front Porch. He is currently a doctoral student at the University of Southern Mississippi. His website is Andrew Gretes

Flash Fiction | December 15, 2015

Bike Heaven by Steven Grassel

Steven Grassel is a writer from Pittsburgh. He lives in Brooklyn.

Flash Fiction | December 15, 2015

A Guide to Wioskasłomy by David Galef


David Galef is a shameless eclectic, with over a dozen books in two dozen directions. They include the novel How to Cope with Suburban Stress, the story collection My Date with Neanderthal Woman, a poetry collection called Flaws, the children’s picture book Tracks, and a volume of Japanese proverbs. His flash fiction textbook, Brevity: A Short Short-Short Primer, is forthcoming from Columbia University Press in 2016. He is a professor of English and the creative writing program director at Montclair State University.

Flash Fiction | December 15, 2015

Snow Cranes by Kenneth Duffy

I am a science teacher in an Irish language school in Dublin, Ireland.I live in Wicklow with my wife. I have previously had work published with Word Riot, The Bohemyth, Wordlegs and Number Eleven Magazine.

Flash Fiction | December 15, 2015

What We by Vanessa Cuti


Vanessa Cuti’s stories have appeared in The Southampton Review and Beach Magazine and she was a finalist for Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction Award. She received her MFA from Stony Brook Southampton and is currently working on a novel.