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Flash Fiction

Stuck by Emil Ostrovski

The bee was trapped between the screen and glass in the window above the tub.       Alan slid the window open and tried, with dripping hands, to dislodge the screen, create a space through which the bee could escape outside; the screen wouldn’t give.       Stuck, the doors in the house, now the windows too. The bee skittered close to his hand and he slammed the window closed.       His mother had always called bees industrious; she had nagged him about finding a girl ever since he started college. He found a boy instead. “A fine couple,” she said bitterly,

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Flash Fiction

Aliens by Eva Garber

Eva Garber is a Toronto native living in Los Angeles completing her MFA in creative writing at Otis College of Art and Design.

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Flash Fiction

Allure by Kenton K. Yee


Hubbub. Foofaraw. Antoinette couldn’t sleep. She dragged the din to her freezer and shut it inside. Bedlam. Mayhem. Pandemonium. By daybreak, the fuss from the freezer was cacophonic. Havoc. Hoo-ha. Hullabaloo. Antoinette avoided the kitchen. She ate out after work. By the time she got home, the synonyms were listing and echoing. Just as she thought there were no more good new ones, a fresh flurry erupted. Fracas. Racket. Ruckus. Crescendo. The symphony of synonyms kept her up all night. How could she make them stop? By morning, Antoinette had full-blown onomatopoeia. Babel. Ballyhoo. Brouhaha. Then it hit her. It,

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Flash Fiction

Will Work 4 Food by Tasha Coryell


Tasha Coryell is an MFA candidate at the University of Alabama. She is currently working on a novel about sorority girls. She’s had work at [PANK], The Collagist, and Sundog Lit. More work from Tasha can be found at You can also find her tweeting under @tashaaaaaaa

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Flash Fiction

Paternity by Rupprecht Mayer


Rupprecht Mayer was born 1946 near Salzburg. After some 20 years living and working in Taiwan, Beijing, and Shanghai, he resettled in southern Bavaria in 2012. He translates Chinese literature and writes short prose. English versions have appeared in AGNI Online, Barely South Review, Connotation Press, Flash Frontier, Gravel, Mad Hat, New World Writing, No Tokens, Portland Review, Right Hand Pointing, Sou’wester, Stymie Magazine, The Newer York, Toasted Cheese, Washington Square, Word Riot and elsewhere. See

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Flash Fiction

Stork by Claudia McGarva

Claudia McGarva is a frustrated lawyer from Australia. She started writing short stories this year and won the 2014 New Lawyer Language writing competition. Claudia is an active member of the Canberra Women’s Literature Society and has a Masters in Family Law. She wishes she had studied creative writing instead.

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Flash Fiction

Comfort Food by Benjamin Nutu


Benjamin Nutu is an American-born son of Romanian immigrants. He graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in English Creative Writing and a Masters in Teaching. He and his wife recently moved back to the U.S. after a year spent teaching overseas in Spain. They now live in Bellevue, WA where Benjamin continues to write both long and short form fiction, poetry as well as a fantasy novel.

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Flash Fiction

Rosa Vieja by Timothy Schirmer

photo-8 copy

Timothy Schirmer currently lives in Austin, Texas, by way of New York City. He arrives on a bicycle. He drinks too much coffee, and not because he really likes coffee, but because he really likes to be wide awake. His stories and poems have also appeared or are forthcoming in RATTLE, JMWW, FRiGG, The Adirondack Review, Quiddity, Gertrude, Bluestem, The Monarch Review, Crack the Spine, Punchnel’s, and in other fine places. You can find him online at:

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Flash Fiction

The Apple Tree by Joe Lucido

Author pic

Joe Lucido is an MFA candidate at the University of Alabama with work appearing or forthcoming in SmokeLong Quarterly, Hobart (Web), apt Online, Johnny America, Cloud Rodeo, and others. He grew up in St. Louis.

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Flash Fiction

The Rainforest by Dianne Turgeon Richardson


Dianne Turgeon Richardson recently completed her MFA in fiction at the University of Central Florida, where she served as a managing editor for The Florida Review. Her work has appeared in such journals as Zaum, Poem, Sundog Lit, and Cooweescowee, as well as the anthology A Sense of the Midlands. She lives with her husband and two mutts in Orlando, Florida, and teaches first-year composition at UCF. She blogs semi-regularly at

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