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Short Stories | Word Riot
Short Stories | November 15, 2015

Creed by Guinotte Wise

Guinotte Wise wrote a book at his farm in Resume Speed, KS where he welds and writes. It won, got published to not much acclaim. It’s on Amazon. He got the soffits fixed with the money. A publisher says his next book, a thriller (Ruined Days) is coming in December 2015. A collection of short stories, Resume Speed, is in edits and slated for 2016. His stories have appeared in numerous literary reviews including Atticus, The MacGuffin, Prick of the Spindle and Best New Writers Anthology 2015. His wife has an honest job in the city and drives 100 miles a day to keep it. Some work can be seen at

Short Stories | November 15, 2015

Can Your Hear Me? by Emil Ostrovski

Emil Ostrovski is represented by Laura Langlie of the Laura Langlie Literary Agency. He is a Pushcart Prize nominated writer, and has had several other short stories published in Word Riot. His debut novel, The Paradox of Vertical Flight, was released in 2013 by Greenwillow.

Short Stories | October 16, 2015

Pearls Before Swine by Marianne Salina

Marianne Salina lives in Spokane, Washington where she writes and makes things out of paper and sticks. She received her MFA from Eastern Washington University and some of her work may be found in The Adirondack Review, Split Lip Magazine, Birkensnake, Lilac City Fairy Tales Anthology, and various other online publications.

Short Stories | October 16, 2015

It Mostly Just Very Slowly Knocked Me to the Ground by Jenna Hymes

Jenna Hymes is from Rochester, NY. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Queens College and has twice been a finalist for Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers. She currently lives in Los Angeles and tweets @jmjenna.

Short Stories | October 16, 2015

The Search for Boyle by Darrin Doyle

Darrin Doyle’s most recent book is the story collection, The Dark Will End the Dark (Tortoise Books). He is the author of the novels The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo (St. Martin’s Press) and Revenge of the Teacher’s Pet: A Love Story (LSU Press). He lives in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and teaches at Central Michigan University.

Short Stories | September 16, 2015

I’m Sorry Billy by Wolfrick Schlitt

Wolfrick Schlitt lives on the Coast of Maine, in an unincorporated township known to locals as Little Cove. He enjoys dark spirits (his oldest and dearest friends) and, to a lesser extent, writing (a relatively new interest). He has no publishing history; Word Riot tendered the only acceptance letter Schlitt has ever received.

Short Stories | September 16, 2015

The Husband of a Galaxy by Gary Joshua Garrison

Gary Joshua Garrison is the Prose Editor for Hayden’s Ferry Review. His fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has appeared in various locations around the World Wide Web, as well as in bound reams of paper. His nonfictional musings about film can be found at The Playlist. He writes, teaches, and goes to the movies in the desert of Arizona where he lives with his wife and their doggish-cat, Widget.

Short Stories | August 15, 2015

In the Penile Colony by Alan Good

Alan Good’s writing has appeared in Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Legendary, Atticus Review, and Bookslut. He lives in Denver and can be stalked on Twitter: @TheAlanGood.

Short Stories | August 15, 2015

This Is New Jersey by Linda Carela

Linda Carela lives in The Bronx, NYC, and works at a humanitarian relief organization where she analyzes donor data and provides customer service. She is also trying to climb the 46 highest peaks in the Adirondacks. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Jelly Bucket, Limestone, and Crack the Spine. She attended The Writers Studio for four years and studied with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Philip Schultz.

Short Stories | July 15, 2015

Little Monsters by Aurelia Wills

Aurelia Wills has had stories published in The Kenyon Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, CALYX, and other journals. A story is forthcoming in an anthology of the best of New Orleans Review. Her young adult novel The Last, Truest Name of Leah Lobermeir will be published in fall 2016 by Candlewick Press. She teaches creative writing and ESL in Minneapolis.

Short Stories | July 15, 2015

One Eye Open by Robin McCarthy

Robin McCarthy is a co-managing editor of Passages North and an intern for VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. Her work has been published by or is forthcoming from Gulf Coast, The Pinch, Sonora Review, The Rumpus, Green Mountains Review, NPR, and on the blogs for PANK and Ploughshares. She is from Maine, where once in a while there might be a moose in the yard.

Short Stories | July 15, 2015

Marked for Deletion by Tsipi Keller

The author of nine books, Tsipi Keller is the recipient of several literary awards, including National Endowment for the Arts Translation Fellowships, and New York Foundation for the Arts Fiction grants. “Marked for Deletion” is from her collection “Solitary Pleasures” now looking for a home.

Short Stories | July 15, 2015

Quantum Suicide by Steve Finbow

Steve Finbow’s fiction includes Balzac of the Badlands (Future Fiction London, 2009), Tougher Than Anything in the Animal Kingdom (Grievous Jones Press, 2011), Nothing Matters (Snubnose Press, 2012). His biography of Allen Ginsberg in Reaktion’s Critical Lives series was published in 2011. His latest works are Grave Desire: A Cultural History of Necrophilia (Zero Books, 2014) and Down Among the Dead (Number Thirteen Press, 2014). He is writing a non-fiction analysis of physical illness and creativity and a novel—White Gardens—both to be published in 2016.

Short Stories | July 15, 2015

My Daddy Said . . . by Jill Adams

Jill Adams is from southern Indiana but lived for many years in Oregon before moving to Barcelona, Spain, where she teaches language and literature, and edits and publishes the online literary review, The Barcelona Review, founded in 1997. She has fiction forthcoming in Gargoyle.

Short Stories | June 15, 2015

Duck by Zach VandeZande

Zach VandeZande is the author of Apathy and Paying Rent (Loose Teeth Press, 2008) and the forthcoming Lesser American Boys (Queen’s Ferry Press, 2016). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Gettysburg Review, Portland Review, Cutbank, Passages North, PRISM International, Atlas Review, Necessary Fiction, Crack the Spine, The Boiler, The Adroit Journal, and elsewhere.