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If the Walls Could Speak
by Heidi Schmidt

I watched my toes naked on the cold-tiled floor as I sat on the toilet, perched
as if waiting for something
and you spoke from the other side of the door.
I liked how your voice vibrated on the wooden door
and my toes cringed at the surprise of you and your sound.
I giggled at the idea of a sound escaping
and you being surprised too.

I flipped the glossy pages,
blurs of Madonna at 50, red lipstick is in.
Jude Law Cheats!
And my toes on the cobalt blue tile speckled
with a mucus green I haven't yet accustomed to.
And suddenly your silence, "Hey, running out to get some milk!"
And how I held the magazine just a little tighter, breathing out one single word,

The bathroom door creaked as you opened the front door
and my even more naked toes felt a gush of cold wind.
And I read my horoscope, "Night is a room, darkened for Lovers."
I closed the images of something I would never be and flushed.

About the author:
Born and raised in California, having studied English with an emphasis in Creative Writing to later find myself working with illiterate immigrants at City College, San Francisco, 826 Valenica tutoring high school teenagers in writing and working along side other volunteers on the book
Waiting to Be Heard, and at The Arc Foundation teaching adults with disabilities, I packed my bags and headed to Barcelona, Spain to become Director of a language academy and teach adults the secrets of English. After having lived in Barcelona for 3 years, I continue to explore the magic of this Bohemian city and to write my observations of this country, turning them into poetry and short fiction. I am currently working on a novel and other pieces as well as teaching English as a second language.

"Love makes you see a place differently, just as you hold differently an object that belongs to someone you love. If you know one landscape well, you will look at all other landscapes differently. And if you learn to love one place, sometimes you can learn to love another." Anne Michaels

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