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Central New York
by Daniel Houston Powell

An affluent Israeli princess smokes outside the library,
all sneers,
buzzin' with her Burberry python
glazin' eyes probably glaring at the weather
behind her tinted face windshield

I think they are the best decoration in the world
my promising career as a truck driver will revolutionize the industry
with a fully customized semi-cab
with smoking Jewish girls where the smokestacks should be
exhaust plumes billowing on out,
of a mouth, above a purple keffiyeh

As a realtor, I know that consumers value a towne-house
set in a lush woody setting,
where the youth gangs ride by on bikes and say,
"Yo, that's mad bucolic!"
and the roof reminds you of a gingerbread house
and the chimney is a smoking Jewish girl.
heels grippin' the roof like flying buttresses
When she breathes in, leafy humid air from the forest
gushes down through the fireplace, displacing ash in great clouds, and
dropping little stars of david,
which are actually fetuses
that someone mistook for glitter.

About the author:
Daniel Powell is a student at Syracuse University, where the student body was the inspiration for this poem. Read his blog at

© 2011 Word Riot

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