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A Letter Of Grievance To Love
by Tyler Enfield

The first time you died
We buried you in a shoe
We buried you in a book

We painted your toes and stuffed
Your mouth with down
Dressed you in skinny white women

Because you said so
Because the weather was right

But the next time

We thought you lazy
Too experienced for this glitz
Love should know better

Than the flat black satin, gold tassels
Tangling upon the pillow
Where we once placed a glass ovary

About the author:
In 2008, Tyler Enfield was awarded the Writers Federation of New Brunswick Literary Prize, the New Times Short Fiction Prize, and the Feathertale Short Short Fiction Prize. His work is forthcoming in Florida Review, Oregon Review, Nashwaak Review, and elsewhere. His first book is due out in late 2009.

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