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Two Poems
by Kenneth P. Gurney


That girl with the bleached blond hair
does not act in porno movies,
though she certainly stars. She
beds only those boys who appeal
to her fanciful vision of facial hair
and can complete a quadratic equation
(or the Saturday Time's crossword
in ink).

She nods hello to the librarian
who supplies her with physics,
with anthropology, with flowers
on their first date, though
there was no second date.

The girl's addiction spends her off days
in resale shops seeking the right buttons:
vintage brass, bone, shell, antler.

She sidles up to the bar
only to complete an examination
to validate her active position
among the barristers.

The girl with the bleached blond hair
still craves sex and unusual positions,
roll play, but there are no cameras now,
no crew, no bright lights, no new revenue
from DVD sales.

She looks distracting in business blue
but her strategy requires a little cleavage,
a wink, the right shoes, a silly giggle
when the big boys make dumb jokes-
a vengeful smile as the big boys
learn from their losses.


Love abandons Lisa near midnight,
the witching hour, shortly after her one voice
sings a chorus hung on the cusp of the moon.

For a moment, he might return, feels a regret
at the score tabulated, relives the sweat salt
tasted on her lips, the warm embrace of her thighs.

Lisa walks naked in the moonlight,
her clothes draped over a chair.
Neon paints her reflection in a cracked mirror.

He rejoins the uncorked bottles, the pool hall,
the brag of a dirty smirk and the thin line
of black lace exposed in his back pocket.

She immerses herself in hot water, rose soap bubbles,
the comfort of a Bach solo played by a master's hands;
knows her innocence washed from this porcelain

back when she wore white cotton, muddy elbows,
grass stains upon catholic plaids.

About the author:
Kenneth P. Gurney lives in Albuquerque, NM. His poems appear mostly on poetry & literary websites as he spends reading fee & SASE money on flowers for his lover. His book "Greeting Card and other poems" is available through Website:

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