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You Can't Sleep Here
by Kevin Aguilar

With time to kill, I sat at the library.
"Can't sleep here."
So I waited on the corner.
"You can't sleep here."
Was pushed from the mattress store.
"What you think this is?"
Fired for nodding off.
"Hey. Gather up your. Hey."
Mugged on the train.
"Cut his pants."
Fondled on the bus.
"Hug me."
College didn't work.
"What's your name? Excuse me."
Bought water at Starbucks.
"Sir. You can't. Sir."
Collapsed on Stephanie's bed.
"This wasn't the agreement."
Walked through the cemetery on Lawrence. Graves beneath the snow. A man stood from a golf cart with a shovel and a bleedy cheek. My toes hurt.
Went to buy some sneakers.
"I have a 12 and a 12 and a half - Ok, you can't. Ok."

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