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Mr. and Mrs. Jingles
by Darby Larson

Having entered the
grocery store engaged
to be married, they left
as husband and wife. A
greeter threw confetti
as they passed by. In
the parking lot, they kissed.
The kitten in Morya's purse
purred. She took it out and
placed it against her face:
"Hello?" "." "Who?" "." "I
think you have the wrong
number." She put the kitten
back in her purse. "Who was
it?" Donny asked. "Wrong
number. They wanted 'Mr.
Jingles.'" "That's me. I'm Mr.
Jingles. We are Mr. and Mrs.
Jingles." "I forgot. This is so
difficult!" "Who was it? What
did they want?" "She didn't
say." "Oh, it might have been
my wife. I hope nothing has
happened to her." "But I am
your wife. And nothing has
happened to me. No need to
worry." The kitten purred again
but she didn't answer it. "Prob-
ably my husband," she said,
"He worries."

About the author:
Darby Larson's work has appeared or is forthcoming in New York Tyrant, No Colony, Wigleaf, Pequin, Night Train, Opium Magazine, etc. He edits the online journal ABJECTIVE.

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