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Two Poems
by Bill Johnston

The belt

The first time my Dad sent me to fetch his belt; I came back with a tie.
Everyone laughed and all was forgotten.
The second time my Dad sent me to get his belt; I came back with a tie.
No one laughed.


A butcher without meat
A passenger without a seat
A bulldog without teeth
A jogger with no ground beneath
Saints without a cause
A Santa with no clause
An airplane without wings
A fish that clearly sings
Birds without flight
A day without night
A scream with no sound
A lost without a found
A torso with no chest
A bride without a wedding dress
A kiss with no lips
A hand without its fingertips
A meet without a greet
A meal without a bite to eat
A blacksmith with no steel
A heart that cannot feel
Man without his pride
Cock without its balls to ride
A priest without his prayer
An onion with no layer
A log without a fireplace
A woman with no spray-on mace
A laugh without a noise
An actor without practiced poise
A stain that will not stay
A word you cannot say
Slashed wrist without the blood
A hurricane without the flood
A sight without the eye
A desert with no dry
A cuss without the insult
Suicide without the cult
Anger without red
Insomnia, but with the bed
Paints without color
Your fathers' son, but not a brother
Newton without gravity
A whore without depravity
A monkey with no shit to sling
Stitching a wound without a string
An archer without arrows
Ancient Egypt without pharaohs
A word without a letter
Could be worse, but could be better

About the author:

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