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Two Poems
by Leon Ivan Snow


Red Pill.
Wakes me up,
and prepares my body
for the rainbow to come.

Orange Pill.
Helps concentration.
Suppresses abnormal thoughts.

Yellow Pill.
Keeps the happiness in my blood.
Store bought Happiness.

Green Pill.
Muscle relaxers and tranquilizers.
Keeps me numb so no one gets hurt.

12:30 pm,
Blue Pill.
Anti- nausea.
Keeps me from vomiting pills 1-4.

Light Purple Pill.
Keeps me from wanting dinner.
Food will pollute the next pill.

Dark Purple Pill.
Weakens Chemicals sent to sub conscious
My dreams can be persuasive.

Black Pill.
Sleeping Pill.
This one never quite worked.

Fifth of Whiskey.
Not exactly a color,
but after a whole
rainbow of substance
is flowing through my body,
And I'm so numb that
I don't even know
Who I am,
It doesn't even matter.

They say I'm mixing my pills.
I should have told them I'm

Out the Window

I sit at the seat in the back
of my local coffee shop
and look out the window.

two young boys walk by
one older, bigger
one smaller.
The older signals for the other to wait.

The waitress comes by, she is probably 17.
over worked, and underpaid.
She starts talking some story,
to one of the regulars.

the young boy waits intently.
some older boys,
about the age of the older boy,
come by.
they laugh at him and push him down.

The waitress ask what will it be.
she brushes her brown locks back and pulls out a pen.
espresso, shot of peppermint.
she smiles and says it will be a moment, and
walks up to the counter, where a man greets and kisses her.

the older boy runs off the older boys.
he helps up the young one, bushing him off.
it must be nice,
to have friends like that.

i happen to notice the man forcing himself on the waitress.
treating her like an item.
a toy for his amusement.

she pushes him off,
but he comes in harder.

I walk up to the counter, catching the girls eyes.
she was helpless, in distress.
i thought of the boys outside.

"is there a problem."
the man noticed my staring.
I shake my head no,
and walk out the door.

About the author:
Leon Ivan Snow is a 17 year old high school senior who works his words under the pen name aforementioned. He lives in Western Kentucky and, though an out of place liberal, finds a proud Fit in the Paducha lowertown art scene. He is currently open for work.

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