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by Ryan Sloan

Overhead, the lights flicker,
White becomes orange, gray and brown,
And I begin to shiver
With only myself around.

The furnace sizzles and hums
With its heat pulsating out.
As the furnace so long churns,
Its heat touches not my snout.

I sit in clothes, layers three,
From head to toe, and I grasp
The long stare in front of me,
The days of tears and of laughs.

Now, my days are filled with tears
And fears and doubts and dismay,
As I learned my fate last year
That I have left, a few days.

A mistake, I made in trusting,
Led me to be where I am.
I surrendered to lusting,
Now, oh God, I'm ever DAMNED.

As my fate became well known,
I saw what my friends had seen,
And soon, I was all alone,
Because death was upon me.

About the author:

© 2013 Word Riot

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