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Three Poems
by Niaz Khadem

the statues on South 9th

you know, they say there used to be
a house there. just there, behind them.
that's the front porch where they're standing.

they say that they were lovers, but
that is no mere lovers embrace.

some say that it was meant to be
the end. but he held her, and she
held him, and they never let go.

i don't know when they took the house
down. they say it burned to the ground,
and he held her, and she held him,
and they never let go.

on singing

They say that single mothers are the most dependable, and
They say that, for the heart, singing is almost as good as sex.

My guess is that they are correct. Sex is good for the heart, and
Single mothers are awfully dependable. That's why I sing.

I sing for single mothers because it is good for the heart.
I don't sing for sex. That would be unforgivable. They say

That singing is good for the heart, and that single mothers are
Dependable, and they say that sex is better than singing,

But I'm not sure that that is dependable. It depends on
The singing, the mother, and the sex. I mean, hey, it's all good

For the heart. That is dependable. But which is better? Which
Is best? I sing for my heart, and this, it's dependable, that

To sing for a single mother, for your heart, it's better than sex.

fighting words

We'll have the last laugh
Just you wait and see.

The Icelanders, they
Lied to us, but us,

We created the
SUV. Greenland

May still be a block
Of ice today, but

Tomorrow, no one
Knows. Two words Iceland:

Climate change. You like
Apples? How 'bout those?

About the author:

© 2013 Word Riot

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