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Two Poems
by Brent Sunderland

Things Leave

We see

Trees weeds



Why mind

Lies by

High Wire

Psyche Lives

Names base

Ail fake

Make fame

Blame face

When men

Then deaf

En sen

Tence meant



Killed with



Of love

Gone on


Things leave

Stick the Truth Metal

The woman lies on her

Side in the same position as

The Buddha when he left

This world discussing existence

The existence of things

She appears as she might laugh when

She speaks of gods sitting

On a mountain looking down on

A mother nursing her

Baby boy things stand absolute

She says but sterile as

Looking through a pane of glass or

In a dream looking through

A photo album and the pure

Joy of holding a thing

In your hand maybe a candle

Stick the truth metal

Although you can not eat it you

Feel full complete the thing

Tight in your hand she then does laugh

And rolls flat on her back

About the author:
Brent Sunderland lives and works in San Francisco. Since last June when he became obsessed with reading Wallace Stevens, Brent has returned to writing poetry after a long time off.

© 2013 Word Riot

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