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Two Poems
by Donovan White

Breakfast conversation

The everyday occurrence -
Sporadic introspection...
The ordinary intercourse,
The morning coffee over toast -
Espresso crème,
Warm sugared milk
To froth and spoon.
This last its shape
Cascades from you -
Cyclonic gravitation,
Your perpetuating eye.

Disjoint separation

She stood naked in front of the mirror.

An hour's contemplative work holds value less than woolen socks

As behind her the fire consumed him

A stitch against the weft of time in shaded autumn pastures

When she walked out, the door swung shut forever

The stilted notion fabricating intellectual pursuits

And the slow curl of his picture charred to ashes.

A measured somnolescence casts a veil behind the sun.

About the author:
Donovan White made a living as a carpenter while enrolled in a Creative Writing program and wrote short fiction nights and weekends. Then he worked as an editor and wrote nothing but headlines and captions. Now he manages software development and writes poetry nights and weekends and on breaks in his workday commute.

He lives in a formerly small house in the New England woods. The house is twice as big as it started out; so is he, for that matter.

Whenever he starts feeling mature, or smart, or sophisticated, sooner or later he remembers that he's had only a few great loves in his life, and three of them were dogs.

His poems have surfaced or will soon show up in Miller's Pond Poetry, Silenced Press, Snakeskin, Ad Hoc Monadnock, Poets Wear Prada, nibble, and Word Riot.

© 2013 Word Riot

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