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Four Poems
by Lara Konesky

coke snortin' dude

In reality he was a guy who had gotten laid once in his life
but when I saw him on myspace he snorted coke off a hooker's ass
i liked the coke snorting dude better, pushin' envelopes and shit.
in real life, he was kind of a drag.


He was with an Asian girl now, and he always liked those Asian girls
but when i said it like that she said i sounded like a real fucker, a real jealous fucker
but i was just stating facts. Stupid Bitch.
Oh, he had to swallow a lot to be right here, that chubby ex with the dead pan grin and the dead fish stroll and the business suit and the shelves of books
what color will you paint your walls
what color will you paint your...I don't give a fuck, really.
He's busy being written about, busy with his PR, and busy with his look
He's got one. A look, that is.

hand shake

Shake his hand and tell me what you think
a bit too soft, i knew him when he was young, really young
i am sure he made a mess of things
while I took a cab back home

better with words

She liked writing better than I did, so I gave her the award
and moved on to puppeteering, if that was even a word or job
tell you what, frank, I don't have the steady hand of an artist,
or the heart of a salior dictator poet
so if I just bend over, will that suffice?
two fingers for peace or piece of ass
whose guts aren't turning whirling subdued by xanax
a high that is not so high
but a high that is so so low
can you still touch your toes or do a chin up or climb the rope
Listen up, goodwill, you don't have the charm of a snakecharmer
or a misspelled word
or the underdog playgirl type with a propensity for heartbreak and a smooth like exlax discussion about the fall of man on your stained pillow case
you get more out of life if you live it WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?
i gained weight and my soul hurt for breakfast
and if you can't take the heat get out of my pants
haha, very funny, you pseudo intelllectual
she hung up the phone and I gave her the award for injustice
that little lady was better with words, don't you agree?

About the author:
Lara Konesky is 29 years old, and is madly in love with words.

© 2013 Word Riot

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