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by Joshua Jennings

Wheel of Fortune
was flashing
on the television
for the fifth night
that week.
The condom wrapper
said something about
extra pleasure
but the condom
felt like a body bag.

She asked him
if he loved her.

"You want to know
right now?" he said.

"More now
than ever," she said.

The phone rang
and they didn't answer it
but they couldn't ignore it

"I feel like
there's no tenderness
between us," she said.

"I don't know
what you mean," he said.

Then it happened:
He grimaced
and whimpered like a lost dog
as a hot spurt
shot out of him
and then he lay
on her.

And that was
the last time
they had the conversation.

About the author:
I'm a journalist in Melbourne Australia and have published poems and short stories in a number of publications including Dogmatika, Word Riot, Sex and Guts Magazine, Neon, Idiom 23 (Australia), The New England Review (Australia) and Beyond The Rainbow (Australia).

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Advertise with us

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