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Two Poems
by Ami Iannone


What if God is the fizz in my ear every time
I take a sip of soda;
The consequence of sugar and acid
The curse of narrow Eustachian tubes.
What if we got on a train and left.
Toronto India Anywhere
What if you wore a grey suit
and I danced a two-step.
What if we talked?
What if we stopped pretending?
In Chicago Hershey
Any day now.


you sit google-eyed
on a bench
wanting only to tell the black woman who just got off
the train that you like her bag
A tall, gray man once said
that the heart never fits its wanting
does yours?
you want for nothing

i want to be you
roaming the underworld
with a rolling suitcase and
a bunch of grapes

no wants in my heart
five teeth in my mouth
500 voices in my head

a smile on my face

About the author:
Ami Iannone is a junior English major at Ohio University. She writes poems, waits tables, and fosters a severe caffeine addiction. More of her writing can be found at

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