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Writer's Block Blues
by St.Sir Michael Manners

 O, Poetry,
Why have U left me out in the Rain,
Leaving me a Talentless stain?
Why have U abandoned my Beaten Brain,
After U taught me how 2 Decipher,
The Sacred from Profane?
Why have U left me stranded,
on this Dark, Death, Desert,
island of Blood sucking
Snakes Zombies Dogs Busy Bees,
Cash Cows N Money Trees,
Leaving my Morbid Mind,
Empty & Decaying, Full of Flies, & Fleas!
I've searched 4 U Far, & Wide,
U were supposed to B my Loving Bride! ! ! !
Instead U threw me out 'On the Road',
In the Middle of of Our Artistic Ride! !
So seriously Poetry,
Where R U! ? Where Art Thou? WHERE BE YE! ! ?
I've checked under beds, Atop of Sky Scrapers,
I even put an ad out in all the City Papers! !
I looked inside a' Sheds, Dreams, Caves, & Burnt Books,
When I was consorting with
Known Saints, Mystics, Gurus N Crooks! !
I've travelled 2 Deep, Dark, Inner, & Outer Space,
Just 2 catch a Glimpse of your Seraphic Face,
I can't Swim! But I Swam,
Every Red River,
Ocean N Sea,
Just 2 see where U May Be!
I Croon 2 U, Under the Nocturnal Nights Moon,
I mutilate my Mind as an offering
2 U every Dawn & Noon,
Do U Remember after 'The Beats, Barrett,
Morrison, Iggy Pop & Dahl put me on 2 U?
U Said I was your Hobo-Artist,
U said I could make it with U
if I tried the Hardest,
U whispered wickedly 2 me
that I was your
I Demand U at least tell me what happened 2 that,
Now it feels as if U've stabbed my Soul,
& Hit my Body with a Metal Pipe, or Bat!
I don't want to get Nostalgic, But Baby,
Do U remember when I wrote U 4 the 1st Time?
u seized my soul that Night,
When in your Bed u 1st got me 2 Climb,
U have me obsessed with Shamans, Mythology,
Reading & Rhyme,
U said in my Sunglasses, Jeans, Head Band,
Band shirt, Adidas Shell tops,
& Lettermen Sweater!
The World may Never experience anyone Better,
Me & U lived Our Lives Where the Deceptive Truth Lies,
& Evil Dies,
We Weekly Merged with Each other,
& Bathed in Bliss,
I'm Now in Queen Street Mental Hospital,
& 2 have U back,
is my only
Goal, & Wish!

About the author:
St.Sir Michael Manners is
A 25 year old Canadian Poet Maudit, Living in Toronto,
& Has yet to be Published,
But Recently preformed his Poetry at the Legendary
Underground Cinema "The Cineforum" in September.

© 2013 Word Riot

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