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Two Poems
by Michelle Grimaldi

Two More

Two more Siblings
I knew

you said            Go Away.

            you chopped me
            up and
               throwed me away

in the brown house
heavy shutters
on the couch     itchy threads

In the car
    bright sun

Dad, you
too. Three more
not here.

in the gray house
no shutters
leather couch                nicer chintz

After Working

from the womb of dirt

inside the fruitless    human mind
I said: I do not know

and walked 3:30

Toward fountains of convenient
glass bottles

fishing Ukrainian Baptists from
the bald head

of Providential work slush
at the bay

This season, dead fish are floating

Joe says bodies.
Joe says chemicals.
Rick does not say (Jack Daniels).

About the author:
Michelle Grimaldi is a senior English Literature major at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island and enjoys writing from the top of her head without inhibition or speculation.

© 2013 Word Riot

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