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Two Poems
by Michael Estabrook


I asked her to go steady with me
to be mine
on our very first date,
we were 16 and I knew I wanted her
from the very beginning.
She answered me, said she'd have
to ask her mother.
The next day, I assumed the answer
would be no, so didn't even bring it up,
we were at a football game together.
but somehow it did come up
and she said yes. I could not believe it.
Patti said yes to me.
Beautiful extraordinary Patti
said yes to me. She would
go steady with me, date me exclusively.
But 2 weeks later she gave me my damn ring back
and I thought she didn't like me already,
that I had screwed up my chance with
the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, already.
But even though there was no official going-steady ring
she remained exclusive with me and true to me
over the next year and a half
through the end of high school
until the beginning of college,
and then, well, things would change again.
Don't make a beautiful girl your girl,
she'll keep you going crazy for the rest of your life.

My girlfriend forever

I cannot imagine a time before her,
it's all misty and out of focus,
a time without her face in my eyes,
her voice in my ears,
a time before her love
engulfed my heart completely
lightening my mood and perception
of the world all round me.
Cannot imagine a time before her kiss,
the sweetest, purest embodiment
of affection and affirmation imaginable.
Cannot imagine a day without her touch,
her soft, smooth, sure hands
taking my hands
reminding me that she is mine,
my wife and lover,
my friend and soul-mate,
my girlfriend forever,
simple as that.

About the author:

© 2013 Word Riot

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