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by Zachary C. Bush

I once knew a boy who grew so desperate for disharmony that he tried to masturbate with a frozen banana. Afterwards, while in the shower, the boy felt so greatly dissatisfied with the act, that he saw no other option but to sew his osteoporetic grandmother to his father's back.

Not too long after he did this, he felt even worse, and grew more desperate than ever before. The boy began to have uncontrollable cravings for much greater disharmony, so he tried swallowing Wednesday and choked to death.

About the author:
Zachary C. Bush is a poet. He is currently pursuing an MFA from the City College of New York. His first collection, AT SWAN DECAPITATION, is forthcoming in 2009 through Louis E. Bourgeois's VOX Press. Zachary has a large cat named Veruca Salt. They live together in an old loft-apartment, just outside of Manhattan. His poetry and prose have appeared in a few issues of Word Riot.

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