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Two Poems
by Dean West

We Walked to Breakfast

Me and Larry walked to breakfast
One sunny morning
We ached from the night out,
Our bodies were tired and full of
Poison in the shape
Of a pint glass

Together we lit cigarettes
And talked as we walked
Down the high street

A poor man sat on the floor
He wanted change
For some coffee or booze
A rich man walked past
And laughed

"In the perfect world,"
I said,
The rich would die poor and hungry
Whilst the poor lived healthy, happy
And well deserved lives and deserved to
Die in peace
We wouldn't mourn loss
Grief wouldn't even exist.
People wouldn't die
Unless they really wanted to
And most of the time
They would

The traffic lights changed green
From red, to amber to green
I walked past the tramp and gave him a pound
He took that pound coin and bought a beer

"In the perfect world,"
I said
We wouldn't have addictions
We wouldn't have money
We wouldn't have possessions
We wouldn't have anything
Except from each other
And in a perfect world that would be enough
For us all

"Oh," Larry said
As we both walked into the greasy cafe
And bought our breakfasts.

The Donkey Rides Along the Stone Surfaced Shores

The donkey's walked with
Grace and
Under our weight they trudged on through
The seas glistened from the afternoons
Sun that shone down its rays
And glided along the calm sea
Then spread out as if lighting it on fire

We were only children
We didn't know the madness of the world
The tyranny of strangers
And the cruelty of man
We didn't know poverty
We never cared about death

We were only young

We knew just as much
And cared just as little
As those donkey's
That carried us along the

About the author:
Dean West is a poet and short story writer from the South East of England. He specialises in poetry mainly but has completed a novella and has started work on a novel. This is his first publication on his first attempt. He is hoping you shall see more of his work on this site, and in other places in the near future.

© 2013 Word Riot

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