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by Tommy Baas

I've felt your eyes like laser surgery
at my back & on my balls
I escaped your tractor beam
only by running slow & got lost
in a parade of mallwalkers
I mistook for a democratic rally
I think you were trying to tell me something
between the lines of your
schoolgirl poetry
but like a power drill
it just went in one ear
& out the other
I spit out a stray pubic hair of yours
that I'd been flossing my teeth with since
that last time I lay with you
decided to take it to a witch doctor
& have a voodoo doll made of you
in that pretty red dress
you wore to my friend's wedding
the last time we danced
I held the needle to your tiny doppelganger's straw heart
& thought about
all those mean things
you'd say to me after my friends had left for the night
the cold needle caught the sweat
of my white-knuckled fingers
twisting & tightening
I got so crazy I dropped the needle
lifted your voodoo doll's dress
stuck a finger in & began
mashing up the straw
crunching & crackling
twisting my finger in & out while
so many neighborhoods away
in somebody else's bed you had
your first good orgasm
since last New Year's Eve

About the author:
I am thirty years old and have a bachelor's degree in English, with a focus in Creative Writing, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have been writing poetry every year since about the age of twelve, and have thousands of poems saved on my computer to show for it. I have also written a good deal of prose, including a handful of short stories, some random travel journals, seven unpublished novels, and an eighth one in the works.

I have been reading at local bars and coffee shops off and on for the past nine years, at least once a week, and have been featured frequently. Recently I have featured at the Connecticut Beat Poetry Festival, where I read at the Harriett Beecher Stowe House. I have also put together a few chapbooks on my own, which have sold most modestly on the local circuit. Previously poems of mine have been featured in
AlphaBeat Soup, an international publication out of the UK called Obsessed with Pipework, the UW-Milwaukee undergraduate publication Furrow, and most proudly in the New York Quarterly.

© 2013 Word Riot

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