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Two Poems
by g emil reutter


I saw you today, a few brief minutes
you did stop by to visit with me as
I recovered. Your morning call brought
a smile to my face as you warned you
just climbed out of bed and were on your

The door opened and you shot across the
living room like a ping pong ball across
a table. Your petit frame covered with a
wrinkled tee shirt and shorts. Your mouth
full of a chocolate iced donut whose icing
dripped down the front of your shirt.

I looked at you. You who always dress so
fine, whose hair is all in place and make up
carefully applied. I looked at you in that wrinkled
tee shirt, chocolate stain on the front and at the
sides of your mouth. You handed me a coffee
as I noticed your unkempt hair.

I saw you today; I looked at you in your natural
state, your beauty. I watched the door open when
you left wanting you to stay so I could
lick the icing from your mouth and off the front
of your shirt.

Dancing with Geese

Did my duty today
feeding the ducks and birds
read Hughes and O'Hare
enjoying the summer breeze
along the slow moving creek
My chair comfortable; small
wire table sturdy for
books and coffee
I read for a bit.

Small girl runs among
the geese throwing bread
crumbs into the air
her mom yells from the
parking lot in a cigarette
gin soaked voice.
mom is annoying
I put my book down
as the young girl dances
with the geese
and I thought of you.

How much fun it would
have been to dance
with you among the geese.
Your laughter
Your smile
Your eyes bright blue in the sun

Sparrows, blue jays, cardinals
mingle with the squirrels, ducks
and geese as the hawk and blue
heron fly overhead.

About the author:
g emil reutter is an author/poet from Philadelphia, Pa. His website is

© 2013 Word Riot

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