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Twisted Almost Virgin and Mid-Slumber Haikus
by John J. Petrolino III

Twisted Almost Virgin

The last night
I went down on my knees to pray to her
My waves diverted
Lightly flicked at sink-hole
Between plummets and laps of flower
Caressing her shores
Her toes curled
And hands gripped my shoulders
Harder than before
And she let out with a wave-break moan
I never heard quite before
Her sand dollar areole
Constricted on her normally
Unresponsive, overly
Drooping breasts
Nipples hardening
I think I'm going to she breathlessly moaned
Though it's happened many times before
I stopped
Sensing the strength and building,
Spiraling up her spine, water calming
As she was about to come to clear vision...
Leaving that weight
Of frustration settled in her chest
Knowing that was to be the last time
I would see her

Mid-slumber Haikus

My midnight angel
She wasted time in the Wiz
Still love Diana

Captain Kent was told
You want to be the Captain
Then cut off your hair

Arkansas women
Always looking for romance
Constantly in pain

I'll sell you my house
Real cheap, 65, no taxes
With a woman too

Robert's beard shows
Time will never slow or stop
But sometimes he trims

I like these Haikus
They force me to keep it short
Using succinct words

Quixotic old thoughts
Tend to overfill my mind
Harp on yesterday

My ship's my life
My writing my Religion
Chi-Rho understands

Friday afternoon
Words come from across U.S.
Always nice to hear from them

Wildwood drunk nights
Miss the misery I had
Juice flows from berries

She was so damned cute
Had a picture together
Wish we could go out

Thank the lord I'm tan
Now I look respectable
Priorities wrong

Have em in the front
Sweatily show em the back
Out the door goodnight

Playboy said best breasts
Forty-five percent from top
Where nipple should be

My airplane goddess
You are seated so closely
Yet, you're far away

No experience
Sitting on swing chair in yard
Sipping lemonade

Yes, that's fucking right
Maybe I need to calm down
World is a mad house

Lights over Newark
Full of happiness on plane
High and homeward bound

About the author:
John Joseph Petrolino III is currently a United States Merchant Marine working as an Engineering Officer. He attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy and received his Bachelors of Science in Marine Engineering and his Third Assistant Engineer's Officer License. While attending the paramilitary school, John found his call to write. Since the year 2000 John has been working on numerous projects ranging from his own poetry, short fiction and a co-written screenplay, to working as an Associate Producer on an independent film (Indiscretion). Since 2004, John has done numerous Jazz Poetry readings (With David Amram, John DeWitt and Kevin Twigg) at LCK! 04, 05, 06 and 07, monthly readings at Cornelia Street Café in Manhattan and a reading at Georgian Court University in New Jersey. John also was a featured artist for the 2007 traveling sociology class: "Jack Kerouac Wrote Here: Crisscrossing America, Chasing Cool." In January 2008, John released his first book of poetry
Galleria and has work forthcoming in The Idiom Magazine, N.J. Freemason, The Enterprise and on John is actively doing readings, guest lectures and book signings, most recently at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Neptune High School and Georgian Court University. John continues to work on his poetry and other works while aboard ship, traveling or at home. Be sure to visit John's web page,

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