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by G Emil Reutter

Early morning breeze passes through the neighborhood as the Prozac queens walk their dogs in laps around the block; guys raking lawns watching them pass by. Birds clinging to bird feeders as cats stalk them waiting to pounce unaware that dogs are watching their every move. Shimmering facades of buildings reflecting clear sky as the dirt and grime of the streets moves its way up floor by floor. Woman jogs through the park passing a man on a bench holding a newspaper not noticing he isn't reading. Old woman throws bread crumbs on the grass as pigeons descend from the tree where the homeless lady sleeps. Mr. O'Brien sneaks down the alley way after his kids are off to church to visit Mrs. Brown whose husband is going there also. Simple contradictions on an autumn morning or are they more complicated than they seem?

About the author:
G Emil Reutter is from Lower Bucks County Pennsylvania. He welcomes your comments at

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