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Two Poems
by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

It's Been Raining All Morning

You sit,
a cup on the table
between your hands
for twenty minutes
you've been staring at the cooling tea

I've talked
you say nothing
I've touched
you don't respond

There's a fly
caught in the window
between the screen
and pane
he's not dead
but he doesn't move when I tap
the glass

It's been raining all morning.


The man next door drinks
mineral water & lemon
juice smokes herbal cigars
the smell slips in

I feel his body sway
as he cat walks across the room
steps hushed by the carpet fur
a string of beads caress his copper

skin the bell in his ear
surely tinkles as he leans
to the wall "your TV's too loud" he
bangs "jerk off" I whisper

& turn it off climb into
a chair watch the fire grow
as he plays the drums
palms beating
       feet tapping
lulling me

About the author:

© 2011 Word Riot

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