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by Thomas J. Misuraca

    "Have ya eva done this before?"
    "Met somebody for coffee?"
    "No, I mean a blind date?"
    "Yes. A couple of times."
    "From the internet."
    "How'd they turn out?"
    "Nothing memorable."
    "I've a feeling this one'll be memorable."
    "You do?"
    "Yeah, I got a good sense 'bout people."
    "What do you sense about me?"
    "I sense that we're on the same wave length. Like we could really connect, ya know?"
    "It may happen."
    "So, you admit ya feel something for me."
    "We just met."
    "But ya know these things right away. We got that connection."
    "If you say so."
    "I do say so. And ya know what else I say?"
    "I say yer very beautiful."
    "Thank you."
    "But ya hear that all the time."
    "No, not really."
    "Ya should."
    "That is sweet of you."
    "I'm a sweet guy. Don't ya think I'm sweet?"
    "You are very nice."
    "Would ya say I'm handsome?"
    "You are a very good looking man."
    "I get that all the time. I'm so surprised people don't stop ya on the street and tell ya how beautiful you are. If I saw ya on the street, I'd stop and say it. We'd connect immediately."
    "I might think you were crazy."
    "No, you wouldn't, because we'd have that connection. You couldn't deny it."
    "Whata ya thinking right now?"
    "C'mon. You gotta to be thinking something."
    "I am talking, not thinking. What are you thinking about?"
    "I'm thinking about what it'd be like to kiss you."
    "Kiss me?"
    "Does that offend ya?"
    "Would ya like to kiss me?"
    "Maybe later. Not here."
    "Why not?"
    "This is a public place."
    "Who's gonna care, that guy over there? He's got his nose buried in a book."
    "Shhhh. He can hear you."
    "I think he is writing about us."
    "He can't even hear us."
    "This is not the right place."
    "OK. Maybe later?"
    "I can deal with that. It's nice to end a date with a kiss."
    "Yes, that is very nice."
    "I bet yer a great kisser."
    "I guess."
    "You must know. All your dates must've told ya. If not, they were idiots."
    "I will agree with you there."
    "Do ya think I'm an idiot?"
    "No. Not at all."
    "Good, because I'm feeling a real connection 'tween us. And ya know what else I'm thinking?"
    "No. I can't tell ya. You'd be offended."
    "I doubt it."
    "I'm thinking it'd be hot to fuck you."
    "I beg your pardon."
    "You heard me."
    "The guy over there heard you."
    "No, he didn't."
    "He looked up."
    "So what? I think we'd have a great time in bed."
    "This is our first date."
    "Things could happen on a first date."
    "I do not sleep with guys on the first date."
    "Not for a long, long time."
    "So you see, it could happen. Ya have to admit that anything can happen. We've got that connection, ya know."
    "Yes. I suppose."
    "So, have you met other women from the internet?"
    "Oh, yeah. All the time."

About the author:
Tom Misuraca is a Boston native now living in Los Angeles. Over seventy of his short stories have been accepted for publication in literary magazines all over the world, including Byline , Thema and Spoiled Ink . He had also written and edited young adult books for Angel Gate Press. And this summer, profiled him. To read more of Tom's work, visit:

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