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Six Poems
by Donna Kuhn

educated bird

i feel the mountain keeps
like a seagulls envelopes

i dont like caves; i said stuff
my horses baked birds

mama said educated
what to do but rock her too

like an instant pelican
my no disney wheelbarrow

i said im fishing just so
like tripods, baby toys

she said sandwich
birds seem to dragon the moon

i have nothing, insomnia
a violation in his cup

of fatal bird, i say baby
the moon felt antlered too

didnt u

some dunes rain and i dye my hair like rhinestones
tablecloth horses are chinese blue snow in her

to squeeze thru birds u dont need colorado
like a moon the city canceled green wind

the rain overflowed and the water is bored mouthwash
im only mermaids in the soup, moon cowboy

napoleon, he has showgirls, try it
skateboard bob was a tall girl dreaming

my lips are blue in the laundry
i dye my hair like skirts

his beautiful name thru her mouth
i am mean; i like small chemicals

i sent enlarged refurbished rice cakes
my eyes like imitation floor

i dye my hair in horse shadows
no ocean ideas swim across the street

bird chatter

my pianos are dresses falling down
man full of no brain look where stars come

bird hell, who's sophisticated
i sing jelly bean full of moon

or in the hills, beautiful war

freeway skulls open war planes
daddy says save me

yr cancer feels bird chatter
i sing jelly inside it

beautiful war in the hills full of moon
once a city reaches my pianos

plexiglass in bird hell
yr cancer reaches my piano

save me just like
yr daddy says

vanilla moon

waterproof horses noodle the moon
nuclear accordion, a flag is snowing

vegas moon opens u
dog wings say worried horses

now im open u make birds i wont
white stars inhale trees

yr paper is a kick for half stars
u say stay tuned

cellphone go nuclear, handmade planes
cnn laundry, i want vanilla cellphone

i want vanilla diluting the moon
america, u like the moon

i want a moon, vanilla alligator juice
manhattan snows laundry

pantsuit moon

casino moon eyes, bird seaweed
teenagers xerox cigarettes
bad bird pass her turtle
hebrew cats, yr inside a bird

open brain on letters inside my eyes
bad seaweed, bird art, freeway art
her eyes, her bird; cats on bird brain
open yr family inside my neck

bird teenagers, neck angel; roast it
branches bathe the dark moon
yr in wyoming; the rain is purple
pantsuits follow u like ghosts

branches crying cotton
ovary orders the crying ghosts:
no make-up, toxic wyoming
moon bones following dark make-up

bad turtle bones following dark make-up
bad turtle bones following dark teenagers
follow my eyes; bad bleeding bird inside my eye

lift that horse

i play a girl and a bird opens mountains
her father comes with a plastic fork
the typewriter's out of tune

please lift that horse
amy falls down; the moon's not female
the empire state's not wearing socks

a mans sunrise is in a lake
a sky of bugs; my dulcimer cdnt listen
red baby, red mountains

im inside yr mountains like hair thru ice
i fill transportation around her
i like crying and i like the moon

im in front of my wifes beautiful fun stuff
las vegas, i work with my eyes shut
i play a girl and birds with my eyes shut
please lift that horse with a plastic fork

About the author:
Donna Kuhn has published over 100 poems in print and online journals and anthologies including poethia, aught, big bridge, generator press, unlikely stories, sidereality, xstream, muse apprentice guild, juxta, 5-trope, moria, poetry new york, onyx and sendecki. Her e-chapbooks are "no bird on yr arm" published by Tamaphyr Mountain Press and "red plastic mystic fish ladle" published by Xpressed . "when yr eyes snow" is her first print chapbook published by Foothills Publishing and a second on "up bluen" is forthcoming from furniture press. Three mini-chapbooks were published by poems-for-all.Visual poetry has been published online by generator press, juxta and xstream. She is a visual artist and dancer as well and she lives in Aptos, CA.

© 2011 Word Riot

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