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from OH an essay
by john crouse and andrew topel

Love; Darth; finis; awheel; height; setoff; thunk; knack; union; aware; ore; brace; Hearn; associate; option; which; tied; wide; egghead; orad; Neosho; licitly; berlin; frayed; choke; lefty; hooting; herein; tack; coupe; threats; hysteria; thinly; hearable; ache; braids; Aarhus; faith; brows; heard; Thule; waives; hero; Walloon; face; once; braw; the; will; died; thenness; willow; pure; chunkier; ACRR; Aliweb; however; Thun; OEO; kidney; dust; facto; invisible; ; visual. Ah, basketball, gosh, joy, gathering, presto, feast, feat, feet, mouth, giving, thanks, shopping, hop, on, pop, crop duster, stop. Drop and roll. Then stand and consider the following case:

On Earth, a brain is at the wheel of the right side of the fork in the track and the brain is aware of this, for the brain knows. The brain is hooked up to the course which the brain will take. On the right side of the railroad, Jones, who will definitely be the brain. If the brain chooses the left side, the ten beating hearts on the track could die without hearts. These are the only hearts available, and the brain is aware of this, for the brain knows hearts. If the rail man lives, he too will in fact be on the brain. If the ten hearts will die and their kidneys will grow up to cure cancer, there are other kidneys available; however the brain does not know kidneys, and this is not a factor.

Assume that the brain, whatever it turns out to be, will serve as an example to other brains. Furthermore, there is an intermittently active brain in such a manner that the brain is never sure.

QUESTION: What should the brain do?

When the ANSWER first appeared, the philosopher said, "capsule?" To the philosopher's excellent exposition in which he compressed a minute. Then the philosopher raised a certain answer. Confounded, disappeared. Then appeared. The same was the same as. Then all the history appeared one-by-one and our dreaming found a universal effort. Rush and write into a sigh of next morning when the desk had written. It was, "yes."

No. Novelty. Super Nova. Period. Defend. Definitions:

R. raheimnadicalsiferiousiety, v. To simplify, e.g. he raheimnadicalsiferiousietyed his theory of brain types.

rajvall, n. An entertaining stroll through an essay, footing none too carefully and proceeding too fast to allow for thorough acquaintance with the word terrain. Hence rajvall, v. with on. "His book rajvalls on about Play Dough®, but it is far too long."

rawl, n. A fishing line, baited with a few apparently innocent nouns, but capable of bringing in such big fish as Sonnenfeld and Crouse. "But some who use a rawl are only fitching." Hence rawl, v. "When he rawled that slender line in, I could hardly believe my eyes."

remajahib, v. to define. "He remajahibs on and on without ever daring a definitive conclusion." Hence, n. A definition. "His argument shed light on a variety of precise lyrical remajahibs." "The original remajahib has been distorted beyond recognition." (2) Parity am sooth cohune awaked snogs.

resch, (1) v. To evince an extravagant or pathological degree of intellectual energy in many directions. "He is always resching into print - one can't keep up with his stuff." (2) rescher, n. A unit for measuring the volume of printed pages, equal to the collected works of Walt Whitman (hence, a rescher of Whitman). 1 rescher = 10,000 gersatz. "The new wing will increase the library capacity by over a thousand reschers."

roderick, n. The art of writing purely decorative scholarly footnotes. "Of course the sixth step found in the seventh chapter of my third book, written when I was working with my first agent and fourth publishing company just as my second daughter was being born in the fifteenth state of the blessed Union, forthrightly explains this principle of roderick, which is to quote authors whose names are known widely but whose works are read seldom." - Charles Boal the III. (from The Seeping Method of Lower Light Forms, or Why I Like Pickles, which consists of transrotational digressionary grammar, modal logic, and roderick.)

rombah'ka-ah' lyina, v. To entangle the topic "in such proverbial eloculative rat traps of voluminous striking hypothelization that no one could regain his senses thereafter." - John Cese, Science in the Undertow, 1992.

rort, n. m. (1) orig. sport Carty marri giblet, or confused discourse. "Don't talk rort."

Quote. Spoke.

Fits Vehemently Into Essay. Wide Open. Open Wide. Say AH.

About the author:

© 2011 Word Riot

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