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Nancy Hightower | Word Riot
Blog | February 10, 2016

Notes From Elsewhere: WR Author Updates, Awesome Women + More

Greetings, Rioters! I’ve decided my bookmark folder containing links for you all needs a good clear-out, so let’s have a few days’ worth Note From Elsewhere goodness, shall we? YES! Time to catch up.

First up, we have a shedload of WR Author Updates that I’ve neglected to tell you about:

Logen Cure, whose poem “These Are My Best Gifts” first appeared here, now has a full chapbook out called Still.

Previously seen here reviewing Philip Glass’ Einstein on The Beach, Fred Skolnik has a new novel, Death.

Katie Cortese has a collection of flash fiction out, Girl Power and Other Short-Short Stories. Her story “Disappearing Act”

Flash Fiction | August 15, 2014

What the Father Would Have Said by Nancy Hightower

Nancy Hightower’s work has appeared in storySouth, Word Riot, Gargoyle, Red Fez, Prick of the Spindle, Prime Number Magazine and Big Muddy, and is forthcoming in A cappella Zoo. Her short story collection “Kinds of Leaving,” was shortlisted for the Flann O’Brien Award for Innovative Fiction, and Port Yonder press will publish her collection of poetry, The Acolyte. She currently reviews science fiction and fantasy for The Washington Post<.

Flash Fiction | November 15, 2011

Kinds of Leaving by Nancy Hightower

Had Daddy known the number of strangers who would put a hand to my belly and show how a bush could burn and stay unconsumed, he would have died sooner than 37. Mother didn’t know what to do except marry again, a man half her age and size. From then on my childhood was grilled-cheese dinners and Bible lessons telling me to keep my legs shut until the time was right. When I was 13 a boy stuck his hand under my skirt and I thought time. After, lying there on Speed Racer sheets, I thought stakes not high enough.