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Blog | August 25, 2015

Notes From Elsewhere Returns! Craft Advice + More

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s been at least four months since I’ve had any literary links ’round these parts. Let’s make up for lost time and look at some interesting stories that I’ve saved in my trusty WR bookmarks folder since April.

Couple of good Patricia Highsmith-related links to share: First, this look at her book, Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction. I’ve always meant to read it, even though suspense fiction isn’t my usual neck of the writing-woods, since I figure we can all learn from it.

And here’s an article about what makes her work so adaptable to screen. I’m really looking forward

Blog | June 7, 2014

Notes From Elsewhere: Summer Submissions, The TBR Pile + More

Jeezy-chreezy, where does the time go? Despite my month-long absence here, I’ve still been saving interesting links to share with you all. So while some of them may be old news, one cannot read everything as it comes out. Hopefully something here strikes your interest.

Recently, The Strand published a rare Tennessee Williams story, “Crazy Night,” which is set on a college campus during the prohibition era.

The Nervous Breakdown has an excerpt from the novel Mannequin Girl by Ellen Litman, which is very good.

And now, some essays I’ve enjoyed:

“Girlfriend” by Wendy C. Ortiz, whose memoir Excavations is now available for pre-order